Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ed Dalton Football

Trinity football coach Ed Dalton, one of the best at getting players to college and getting the names of his players known by colleges, recently set up a page on to showcase highlights from some of his top players, particularly seniors.

Here's a link to Mike Cleveland's highlight video:

For the link to the site, click

Dalton said he's willing to post video from any Washington County player on the site at no cost. Given Dalton's ability to generate publicity for players, it certainly is worth the time. Interested players or parents can contact Coach Dalton via email at

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Leonidus said...

Dalton is an amazing coach. As a Trinity graduate I have to say that the school board is making a huge mistake letting him go! He's a great coach and has turned the program around. Before Dalton there were a bunch of guys that I'm convinced were just showing up to collect a check and not really improve the football program let alone create D1 prospects. Coaches would be around for a year or two and win a game a year and move on. I expect the same thing again. I'm sure I don't know the entire story but I think if there was any GOOD reason to let Dalton go they would surely broadcast it. My perception is that Politics has always ruined Trinity's football program. I