Monday, November 8, 2010

Week in Review, Week 10

Blogger's note: This will be the final Week in Review until the start of boys and girls basketball season.

Team of the Week – Monessen
Every bracket in the WPIAL playoffs featured some sort of upset (at least in terms of how teams were seeded) but one trendy pick that did not become reality was Chartiers-Houston beating Monessen.

Monessen, the No. 4 seed in the Class A playoffs, jumped out to a 7-0 lead on its first possession and the Greyhounds never looked back as they rolled to a 33-0 victory.

Monessen's defense allowed just three first downs (one by penalty) and kept C-H quarterback Daniel Lis in check. The Bucs gained a little over 60 yards, with 41 coming on one pass play. Brett Crenshaw and Trae Cook were part of a run game that churned out 250 yards rushing and each scored a pair of touchdowns.

Runners-up – Beth-Center and South Fayette

Starting 11
Ryan Babirad, Fort Cherry
Deshan Brown, Beth-Center
Christian Brumbaugh, South Fayette
Aaron Cook, Monessen
Brett Crenshaw, Monessen
Sal Faieta, Beth-Center
Nick Faraci, South Fayette
Derrick Fiore, Ringgold
Trevor Fiorentini, South Fayette
Eric Meyers, South Fayette
Jake Sofran, Beth-Center
First sub
Andrew Erenberg, Peters Township

Game of the Week – Bishop Canevin 24, Fort Cherry 16
In one of two competitive games involving a local team, Fort Cherry saw its season end in a back-and-forth affair at Jim Garry Stadium against one-loss Bishop Canevin.

The Rangers led 9-6 in the second quarter after a Tanner Garry touchdown pass to Nate Bellhy, the Crusaders tied the game on a 30-yard field goal from Jacob Schnelbach with 2:13 left before halftime. Fort Cherry then had a touchdown called back on a holding penalty. The Rangers ended up punting.

Bishop Canevin then surged to a two-touchdown lead in the third quarter before a Garry touchdown pass to Ryan Babirad got the Rangers within five. Fort Cherry had a couple chances in the fourth quarter but came up empty.

Weird, wild stuff – Moving Ringgold and Franklin Regional to the Keystone Conference was supposed to strengthen the league, but the Keystone was one of two conferences to go 0-4 in the first round. The Interstate Conference was the other. ... Springdale – Monessen's opponent in the quarterfinals – knocked the Greyhounds out of last year's playoffs, the fourth time since 2004 the Dynamo ended Monessen's season. ... California's Dakota Conway caught 15 touchdown passes this year, which is believed to be a Washington County record.


Anonymous said...

Any word on Martin Long? He was most of that team so I am surprised they did so well missing him

Anonymous said...

Hey Shock Of The Week (Clairton Bears) Get Beat By Bishop Canevin. There (O-line) Is Big And Strong They Will Be Able To Control Desimon Green And Big Norris. And Not Let There O Get The Ball. They Are Going To Control The Clock The Whole Game. I'TS GOING TO BE SOME SAD FACES IN CLAIRTON ON FRIDAY NIGHT. I KNOW THEY HAD HIGH HOPES.

Clairton Alum said...


Okay. I'm not even going to talk. That post doesn't deserve a response. I am just going to smile and nod. We'll see you Friday night. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 2:44pm 11/9...

That's cute...I remember when I had my first beer...

Anonymous said...

HaHaHaHa....Please, BC is not that good. They are not even the best in eastern. Score all depends in Clairton lets up at the 1/2 and I am not a Clairton supporter

Joey Niklas said...

How do I respond to anon 2:44? UMMMMM

What makes you think that your line is better than any lines that Clairton already faced? How is this Canevin team better than the Canevin team that lost to Springdale 35-0 earlier this season?

The most interesting part of when people trash talk Clairton is their grammar. I thought us Clairton people was the one's that was "supposed" to be the uneducated ones. SMH

Anonymous said...

Clairton 35 zip by the half. Trust me they do it all the time. BC is no different. We mercy rule everyone in (Single A) we are at 10 right now you guys make 11 hey at least you made the Bears Mercy Rule list. Everyone gets a turn that's all. But i like how everyone wants us to lose. But not this year buddy. let's try again sometime lol.

prexie said...

i m not not a clairton fan, but i agree with scout from a prior blog. clairton is big,fast, explosive and disciplined. they play alot of man coverage which can be beaten ,but good luck with that.canevin has no chance at all. they have too much speed. thats why aliquippa is so good every year thats why wash high played better when they started using it.when you combine the speed with the power and discipline ,the other teams have no answer.they can win by 50 or 60 if they wanted.

Anonymous said...

Anyone think that If Monessen gets there, they will give Clariton a run for their money? I was recently told by a father of a Char-Houston player that "Monessen defense is incredible" and Also that they are " Just as skilled as The Bears". A reporter from the Greensburgh paper said if The greyhounds were not penalized so much last week, the score would have been 50+ to 0. To be honest, who has clariton played that Monessen wouldn't have beat the same way??

Anonymous said...

47-0, 46-0, 44-0 = 137-0.

The three scores from the Clairton/Monessen games over the last few years. I realize that maybe monessen has gotten better, but so has Clairton. You're still talking about basically the same group of kids playing the same group of kids. Maybe Monessen can challenge Clairton...but until Monessen can score A POINT against the bears I'm not buying it. Clairton hasnt just beaten Monessen...they have DOMINATED them. I dont see how Monessen has got that much better compared to Clairton where now all of the sudden its going to be a close game. So, to answer your question, no they will not give Clairton a run for their money.

Anonymous said...

"To be honest, who has clariton played that Monessen wouldn't have beat the same way??"

Monessen 10
Carmichaels 7

Clairton 42
Carmichaels 0

Monessen 33
Char Hou 0

Clairton 48
Char Hou 0

The carmichaels game is a CLEAR indication of how much better Clairton is than Monessen. Also, Clairton had their starters out/called off the dogs by half in both the char hou and carmichaels games.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:05 Nov 10, 2010. You Are Joking Right? Because Trust Me Those Monessen Kids Want Nothing to Do With Clairton. Monessen Coach Andy Pacak Said Clairton Could Beat 99 Percent Of Teams In Class Double (AA.)The Last Time They Played Clairton. If You Don't Believe Me ("GOOGLE IT"). So He Knows His TEAM DOES NOT STAND A CHANCE. That's Probably Why Stepoli Left For GCC. He Said It Doesn't Matter How Far We Get In The Playoffs We Are Still Going To Lose To Clairton. But He's At Home This Week With The Rest Of The GCC Football Team. Remember These Scores If Monessen Hooks Up With Clairton Again Next Weekend. (44-0,46-0,47-0).

mike_kovak said...

"That's Probably Why Stepoli Left For GCC. He Said It Doesn't Matter How Far We Get In The Playoffs We Are Still Going To Lose To Clairton."

Oh really ... where's that quote? Please provide a link.

Anonymous said...

Mike I was talking about coach pacak not stepoli buddy. Calm down i just added stepoli at the end. but pacak did say that and you know that. I bet you know that link huh?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:21
Please understand that you do not capitalize every single word of a sentence.

mike_kovak said...

I misunderstood the wording of your sentence but I certainly never heard that the Stepoli's left Monessen for GCC because the football team loses to Clairton.

And I was very calm while writing the previous reply.

Instead of you telling me to calm down, how about producing the quote? I don't feel like looking it up and I'm guessing a few other people on here would like to read it.

Joey Niklas said...

Anon 1:07

I agree with you to an extent. Comparing scores isn't the best way to compare schools. For example, Canevin beats Avonworth by 7, Springdale beats Canevin by 35. By comparing scores its easy to assume that Springdale is 28 points better than Avonworth right... Wrong Springdale beat Canevin by 16. Every team match's up with other teams differently. Judging from past games I'd say the Bears are 30-40 point favorites against the Greyhounds. Anything can happen once the ball is kicked off.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to argue by looking at the last 3 scores of Clairton-Monessen games but if Bears fans did forget, last years game @clairton was very competitive until their were 2 min left in the 3rd quarter (14-0). The Hounds struggled all night offensively but the D was doing okay until turnovers let the game snowball on them. Monessen's D is better this yr but Clairton's O may be better as well. I think it could be much closer this yr than people think. I hope we get to see this matchup again next wk and find out!

Friday Night Fan said...

The intriguing thing about a possible Clairton-Monessen match up in the semi's is the fact that the Greyhounds always have some athletes that can compete with the studs from Clairton. I have personally not seen either team play this year, other than weekly highlights, but from what I have read Clairton might be better than last year. Good luck to both teams. (Even though I don't see Monessen getting past Springdale.)

mike_kovak said...

I've seen both teams play and I think both are better defensively than they were a year ago.

In speaking with several Class A coaches, it's going to take the perfect storm to be able to even be in position to beat Clairton.

The Bears are going to have to be penalized frequently with several needing to be of the personal foul variety. The opponent will need 3-4turnovers to create some short fields because running consistently on Clairton has not happened.

The other team has to play a relatively clean game.

If the game is close, then the opponent has to hope Clairton and its coaches don't know how to react to being in a tight game.

It's a lot to ask. Not impossible, but a lot to ask.

Friday Night Fan said...


First just let me say that I love your blog. I wish there were more out there like it so I can get a feel of different teams and fans from around the district.

Back to Clairton now. I know of the athletes it has at the skill positions, but what are they like up front? When teams get deeper into November, the hogs up front make all the difference. Could a fundamentally strong team up front, some team like Rochester, give them a game by controlling the line of scrimmage and the clock? Or is the Bears line good enough to give any team fits. I would like to hear your opinion, as well as Joey N or the Clairton Alum, on this.

Clairton Alum said...

Friday Night Fan...

There is no doubt in my mind that Rochester is going to give Clairton everything they can handle and more. They do every single year. Its not even so much because Rochester matches up well with Clairton...its more because Gene Matsook is a heck of a coach and always game plans Clairton very well.

About the lines. By Clairton's standards, this is a fairly large line. Marquis Norris is 6'5 and anywhere from 305 - 325 depending on what day it is and what paper you read. Aside from him, they are about 260 across the line and anywhere from 5'10 to 6'1. They do, however, have 1 undersized offensive lineman who usually plays right next to Marquis. While undersized, he is still very tough. The biggest Class A line I have ever seen was Steel High in the 2008 state title game. Those kids were just massive...that was a Quad A line, no doubt. Clairton held Steel High's all world RB Jeremiah Young to his lowest rushing output of the season at I believe somewhere around 83 yards. Clairton doesnt always have the biggest line, but they are usually very tough.

I have heard that Canevin's line is fairly big, so I guess we'll see tonight.