Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coming attractions

Sunday's edition of the Observer-Reporter will feature our annual Athlete of the Year stories for boys and girls in addition to the Top 10 teams of the 2009-10 school year and a few other thoughts on what was certainly a news-filled campaign.

In addition to what runs in the pages of the O-R, The Varsity Letters will provide additional coverage. Check back for the Scholastic A-Z, which provides an alphabetical look at some of the top names, teams and moments from the past year, and some of the top photos.

We'll also take a look back at the all-star teams compiled, from the Elite 11 in football to the recently published All-District baseball and softball teams.


Anonymous said...

someone had asked about this on an earlier post, in the 7-7 football tournament at gateway, gateway beat clairton in the championship 12-7. clairton impressed the heck out of me. they beat pgh central catholic, they beat trinity, they beat baldwin and they almost beat gateway. thats a single A team that beat the big boys and almost knocked off one of the biggest. watch out for clairton this year.

prexie said...

wash high took second in the 7 on 7 tourney at pitt. they beat tj. but lost to them in the final. clairton beat wash high by a touchdown but didnt make it to the finals. for a team that was drawing up plays in the dirt wash high did a great job. there were 30 some odd teams there.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to that week one game Clairton vs Washington at Washington.