Friday, July 2, 2010

2009-10 Names in the Game

Blogger's note: The following is a recap of the All-District teams released by the Observer-Reporter sports staff during the 2009-10 school year.

Player of the Year
Christian Brumbaugh, South Fayette
Elite 11
Quentin Briggs, Charleroi
Lashawn Bryant, Trinity
Jeff Davis, South Fayette
Chad Hagan, Canon-McMillan
Austin Hancock, Peters Township
Mike Hull, Canon-McMillan
Gary Kiefer, Fort Cherry
Logan McAnany, McGuffey
Nick Shuman, McGuffey
Bryan Thomas, Washington
Jake Sofran, Beth-Center

Boys Basketball
Player of the Year
Mike Lamberti, South Fayette
First team
Nate Bellhy, Fort Cherry
Mike Burroughs, South Fayette
Mike Lamberti, South Fayette
Josh Valentic, Trinity
Craig Wolcott, Peters Township
Second team
Marquis Brown, Washington
Phil Horensky, Peters Township
Tyler Pavan, Burgettstown
Clay Roman, Bentworth
Troy Wilson, Washington
Pat Zedreck, South Fayette
Third team
John Barker, Bentworth
Kionte Davis, Canon-McMillan
Tyler Henry, South Fayette
Jaisen Irwin, Monessen
Bill Musgrove, Carmichaels
Andrew Stein, Ringgold

Girls basketball
Player of the Year
Megan Sowers, Beth-Center
First team
Beka Bellhy, Fort Cherry
Emily Hansen, Canon-McMillan
Emily Matthis, Peters Township
Geena Shrader, Monessen
Megan Sowers, Beth-Center
Second team
Chelsea Evans, Washington
Ellie Hanlon, Peters Township
Merissa Morgan, Peters Township
Marissa Pattison, McGuffey
Kristina Wagner, California
Mariah Ward, Monessen
Third team
Jessie Merckle, Fort Cherry
Morgan Moluski, California
Katie Rosemeier, Chartiers-Houston
Anna Shashura, Beth-Center
Molly Stuvek, Carmichaels
Amanda Templa, Avella

Wrestler of the Year
Cody Wiercioch, Charleroi
First team
Nick Carr, South Fayette
Nick Catalano, Canon-McMillan
Alex Dunaway, McGuffey
Sam Guidi, Fort Cherry
Michael Innes, Chartiers-Houston
Gary Kiefer, Fort Cherry
Kyle McWreath, Trinity
Sam Lombardo, Canon-McMillan
Zach McGinnis, Waynesburg
Derrick Nelson, Waynesburg
Neal Rands, Ringgold
Connor Schram, Canon-McMillan
Jeff Tarley, Beth-Center
Cody Weircioch, Charleroi
Second team
Colton Blumer, West Greene
Ray Campbell, Charleroi
Nathan Carl, Avella
Dylan Demain, Bentworth
Zach Doman, Jefferson-Morgan
Jake Linn, Charleroi
Francis Mizia, Bentworth
Gus Mizia, Bentworth
Colin Ryan, Canon-McMillan
Zach Schilinski, Burgettstown
Tanner Sutton, Chartiers-Houston
Zach Swarrow, Beth-Center
Tommie Thorpe, Charleroi
Aaron Toth, Charleroi

Player of the Year
Joey Havrilak, Trinity
First team
Ty Bell, Bentworth
Dalton Bercosky, Bentworth
Justin Bianco, Peters Township
T.D. Conway, California
Austin Hancock, Peters Township
D.J. Michalski, Canon-McMillan
Ryan Parker, Chartiers-Houston
J. Jay Paskert, Washington
Nick Riotto, Trinity
Second team
Michael Bodnar, Beth-Center
Jim Boris, Canon-McMillan
Tyler Delval, Bentworth
Zac Edmiston, California
Ryan Minteer, Peters Township
Brady Sheetz, Peters Township
Brandon Kozich, Jefferson-Morgan
Trevor Jones, Washington
Joe Monica, Waynesburg

Player of the Year
Kiersten Conwell, Chartiers-Houston
First team
Darcy Bostich, Bentworth
Emily Bosworth, Waynesburg
Kayla Briggs, Chartiers-Houston
Kelsey Cunningham, Peters Township
Kayla Guta, Bentworth
Morgan Matetic, Peters Township
Colby Miller, Chartiers-Houston
Ashley Morran, Trinity
Marissa Pattison, McGuffey
Second team
Kaylie Barger, Waynesburg
Katie Bednarski, Avella
Paige Burris, Peters Township
Lynne Christopher, Carmichaels
Kaitlyn Coles, Jefferson-Morgan
Shannon Falleroni, Trinity
Courtney Korpus. Bentworth
Breanna Morris, Waynesburg
Chrissy Scott, Chartiers-Houston


Anonymous said...

KOVAK how do you leave Fred Garcia off the wrestling list?? He did not lose a match all year until he was hurt.

This is just garbage.

Once again the few good athletes in Ringgold get the shaft because the school is terrible.

mike_kovak said...

Disgruntled ANONYMOUS ...

I did not leave Garcia off the wrestling list. I do not compile the All-District wrestling team, it is put together by Joe Tuscano. The team ran in the pages of the O-R within a week or two after the season concluded.

All the all-star teams on this list were previously published in the O-R.

mike_kovak said...

I do not believe Ringgold is overlooked at all.

Three Ringgold athletes (Robert Heller, Stephanie Kuhn and Kristen Lancas) were athletes of the year. In previous years, Ringgold occupied several spots on the all-district basketball team. For instance, Emily Schartner was a four-time first-team selection.