Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ringgold makes Humbert interim football coach

Matt Humbert served as Ringgold's varsity football coach for two games during the 2009 season when Lloyd Price was suspended by the school district.

Humbert won both games and, following Price's sudden and surprising resignation as Ringgold's athletic director and football coach, Ringgold is turning to Humbert once again to fill the void.

The Ringgold School Board made Humbert the interim varsity football coach at Wednesday's meeting. Humbert was Price's teammate at California University and he will oversee offseason workouts until a head coach is named.

Ringgold plans to begin interviews for football coach and athletic director Monday and could have the positions filled by next month's board meeting.


Anonymous said...

good quality wins over powerhouse teams like Southmoreland and Albert Gallatin, should catapult him right into the HC position.

When's the next election for school board members?????

Anonymous said...

only posting as anonymous because i'll probably get in trouble if i don't.

u know what the school board is doing don't u? they r delaying out the process of hiring a new coach so when it's june and they go 2 name 1 they are just going 2 say "well humbert and his band of idiots have been running things this long just let him have it" if that happens a bunch of us r quitting or not coming out next year.

Sarcastic Sword said...

And what does that serve if you dont play? You're probably thinking you're hurting Humbert but you're first and foremost hurting yourself because you will denying yourself a chance to play a sport you enjoy...Last time I checked, Ringgold has 50 or so football players - Humbert will just play who is there - if Matt Humbert is stopping you from playing, the team is better off without you because football needs committed players - not kids who only want to play for certain guys.....Kids of today are so pampered and spoiled..............I will take my ball and go home if I dont get my way............Wah, Wah, Wah!

Ringgold Citizen said...

Wow Sarcastic long have you been working as part of the current football coaching staff at Ringgold? It's either that or you are a teacher at the school. So which is it? Who are you?
P.S. Kids have a right to choose if they want to join a team based on who is the coach. It doesn't make them spoiled. It makes them smart. If the coach isn't going to teach you anything what good is that?