Friday, April 9, 2010

2009-10 Boys Player of the Year, All-District Team

2009-10 Observer-Reporter Player of the Year
Mike Lamberti, South Fayette

All-District Team

First team
Player, School Avg.
Nate Bellhy, Fort Cherry 28.7
Mike Burroughs, South Fayette 10.8
Mike Lamberti, South Fayette 15.6
Josh Valentic, Trinity 22.0
Craig Wolcott, Peters Township 19.8
Second team
Player, School Avg.
Marquis Brown, Washington 14.3
Phil Horensky, Peters Township 11.2
Tyler Pavan, Burgettstown 15.4
Clay Roman, Bentworth 15.3
Troy Wilson, Washington 14.1
Pat Zedreck, South Fayette 14.3
Third team
Player, School Avg.
John Barker, Bentworth 15.5
Kionte Davis, Canon-McMillan 12.9
Tyler Henry, South Fayette 12.2
Jaisen Irwin, Monessen 13.1
Bill Musgrove, Carmichaels 18.9
Andrew Stein, Ringgold 11.8

Past Players of the Year
2009 – Nick Wilcox, Peters Township
2008 – Charles Murphy, Canon-McMillan
2007 – Jock Wells, Washington
2006 – Christian Goetz, Burgettstown
2005 – Dan Davis, Fort Cherry
2004 – Nate Stoner, Waynesburg
2003 – Paul Ruhmann, South Fayette
2002 – Javon Hines, South Fayette
2001 – Tom Lulich, Peters Township
2000 – Eric Lang, Peters Township
1999 – Aaron Ankrom, Waynesburg
1998 – Bryant Thomas, Bentworth
1997 – Henry Klinar, Peters Township
1996 – Justin Voithofer, Carmichaels
1995 – Mike Horan, Ringgold
1994 – Vince Graham, Belle Vernon
1993 – Chad Lechner, Carmichaels
1992 – Mike Maloy, Washington
1991 – Brian Miller, Ringgold
1990 – Yancey Taylor, Ringgold
1989 – Matt Jennings, Immaculate Conception
1988 – Wade Timmerson, Fort Cherry
1987 – Dan Conn, Bentworth
1986 – Ron Moore, Washington
1985 – Chris Popeck, Washington
1984 – Adam Sarson, Peters Township
1983 – Duane Johnson, Canon-McMillan
Tony Conn, Bentworth
1982 – Jeff Conn, Bentworth
1981 – Lance Spernak, Mon Valley Catholic
1980 – Ray Natili, Immaculate Conception


Anonymous said...

What, you can't find one good player from Wash County to be player of year so you have to name so kid from Allgheny County who averaged only 15 points per game? Why not name TJ McConnell - he's from Allegheny County?

mike_kovak said...

It's not the Washington County Player of the year ... It's the Observer-Reporter Player of the Year. All teams from our coverage area are eligible.

So, anon, postseason honors are all about points per game average to you?

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that the first anonymous doesn't know a lot about the game.
He'd obviously rather have a player who averaged a bunch of points for a crappy team than the best player on a state championship club.

Anonymous said...

Seem's like you based girls pick on points. Like you said-you can"t see all the games and have to depend on jaded reports from the school.

KiPA - Kevin in PA said...

I don't really agree that the girls team was based on points. Everyone on the third-team out-scored two members of the second, but those two players were from Peters Township, which had a nice playoff run. That also probably boosted Matthis onto the first-team.

Casual Observer said...

Player of Year probably was. If you don't watch games you don't know she won't play defense. Not that she can't,just won't-can't get fouls and have to sit.That's the problem with these awards-you just don't see the whole player.Also coaching has a lot to do with it-or lack of it.

mike_kovak said...
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mike_kovak said...

While Sowers' scoring average was factor into the decision, it was not the sole basis. Matthis was the other consideration and she didn't average 11 points per game.

You can find flaws in any high school player, particularly from Western Pennsylvania but I want to ask Casual a couple things.

Assuming you saw as many different teams as I did, talked with others who covered local teams like I did and spoke with local coaches about the best players as I did, who would you come up with?

Personally, I thought girls basketball was down this year. That's not the fault of anyone who made the all-district team but it certainly lacked the standout, Division I talents we've featured in the past.

Casual Observer said...

I couldn't agree more on girls basketball being down in this area. Probably as bad as it's been in years. Your choice was probably the correct one but I just found it funny that you asked in a previous post if someone thought point scoring was the most important factor. There were slim pickings this year for sure.

P T Player said...
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Anonymous said...

Alfon Cook is only a sophomore. He is is going to turn the ball over 10 times in AAAA. Ringgold will be ok in AAA and Stine will be a big part of it. I still beleive Ringgold's best player is a healthy Zack Smith.

Anonymous said...

wolcott should have been player of year he faced AAAA defenses not AA

R.T. said...
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Anonymous said...

First of all ,thank you for selecting an All-District team.Is it going to be printed in the newspaper ?

mike_kovak said...

The All-District basketball teams ran Saturday, April 10 (girls) and Sunday, April 11 (boys).