Friday, December 11, 2009

Local Basketball Rankings, Preseason

Received a surprisingly strong response last year with local basketball rankings for boys and girls. Why not do it again?

1. South Fayette (AA)
2. Monessen (AA)
3. Washington (AA)
4. Canon-McMillan (AAAA)
5. Peters Township (AAAA)
Next in line:
Burgettstown (AA)

1. Peters Township (AAAA)
2. Trinity (AAAA)
3. Washington (AA)
4. Ringgold (AAAA)
5. Beth-Center (AA)
Next in line:
McGuffey (AAA)


Belly Button Lint Funk said...

That's funny. Burgsttstwon won't win 10 games this year. They will fold like a lawn chair...Or like the Steelers.

Anonymous said...

south fayette number one team in the hood yalllll

Anonymous said...

why is canon mac ahead of peters? canon mac is undisciplined and has no heart like PT does.. come on mark thought you would know that by now come on mark

StatMan said...

Don't count on too much from BC girls. They struggle with good teams. Of their 14 wins last regular season 9 were against teams with a combined 32-94 record. 6 of those 9 were against Class A teams. Their syle of play not conducive to beating the better teams.

Anonymous said...

Burgettstown 0-2.
They are so overrated.

Anonymous said...

I think that Belle Vernon would put a hurting on any team from Washington County. Bo Lustig is the best player in America.

Anonymous said...

Strange to see 3 AA teams above the 2 AAAA teams in boys rankings. My experience has been that the big boys get tested every section game (Lebo, BP and USC bring it every night!) while the AA sections will have 1-or 2 rivals and the rest are easy wins.

We'll see how it plays out on the court as CM beat Wash High already and plays Monessen soon and PT will play Burgettstown and Wash High.

Just don't think South Fayette. Monessen and Wash High have the depth and horses to keep up with CM and PT. The AA records might look better at end of the year but the AAAA schools are stronger.

Belly Button Lint Funk said...

74-17...Was that a misprint?
Is Fort Cherry that bad.

Anonymous said...

Bkkt lost to the #2 ranked team in (AAAA)AND THE # 4 RANKED TEAM in (AAA) and played both games with out their starting point guard. With there full team they look good. No, the Ft Cherry score is not a misprint, but Ft Cherry played without there best player.

Anonymous said...

it dosent matter if your aa, aaa, aaaa, at end of the day you gotta play game and anything can happen

setshot said...

Statman, their style of play is not conducive to beating the better teams??? What in the world does that mean?? A shot is worth 2 points (or 3), all players get 5 fouls, all the balls are air-filled leather. That remains the same no matter who or how you play. BC girls have a shot for a good season because they are all seniors and they have had success in the past. To shoot them down before the season is really underway is just showing ignorance or jealousy or both.