Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2009 O-R All-District Football Team

Observer-Reporter Player of the Year
Christian Brumbaugh, South Fayette
Junior, QB

O-R Elite 11
Quentin Briggs, Charleroi
Sophomore, RB

Lashawn Bryant, Trinity
Senior, DT

Jeff Davis, South Fayette
Junior, RB

Chad Hagan, Canon-McMillan
Senior, RB/DB

Austin Hancock, Peters Township
Junior, QB

Michael Hull, Canon-McMillan
Senior, LB/FB

Gary Kiefer, Fort Cherry
Junior, RB/LB

Logan McAnany, McGuffey
Senior, LB/RB

Nick Shuman, McGuffey
Senior, FB/LB

Jake Sofran, Beth-Center
Sophomore, LB/FB

Bryan Thomas, Washington
Senior, DE/TE

O-R All-District Team
Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Nathan Carl Jr. 5-9 210 OL
Damon Cupp Jr. 6-5 195 WR
Jared Magon Jr. 6-1 175 WR
Jesse Noble Sr. 5-8 160 DB

Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Ben Gregg Sr. 6-3 200 QB
Colton Korpus Sr. 6-1 220 DL
Dave Sumney Sr. 6-0 200 OL

Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Chuck Bowser Sr. 5-10 170 TE/FS
Sal Faieta So. 6-1 190 QB/LB
Jordan Kinder Sr. 5-8 165 RB/DB
Tyler Miller Sr. 6-5 275 OT/DT
Matt Schneider Sr. 5-9 230 OT/DT
Zander Shashura Sr. 5-9 160 C/LB
Jake Sofran So. 5-10 205 FB/LB
Frank Vorhes Sr. 6-1 185 G/DE

Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Zach Bertolotti Sr. 6-0 205 LB
Dylan Bongiorni So. 6-2 170 DB
Tyler Pavan Jr. 5-9 165 DB
A.J. Roner Sr. 5-5 155 RB
Andrew Todd Sr. 6-2 190 TE
Tim Wilson Sr. 5-11 205 OL

Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Dakota Conway Jr. 5-9 170 WR/DB
D.J. Martinak Sr. 5-11 165 QB/DB
Preston Shaw Sr. 6-0 180 OL/LB
Wade Stinnett Sr. 6-1 205 TE/LB
Brad Tonini Sr. 6-0 200 RB/LB

Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Dom Broglia Sr. 6-2 275 OT
Luke Campbell Sr. 6-0 220 TE
Chad Hagan Sr. 6-2 227 RB
Michael Hull Sr. 6-1 220 LB
Alec Schram Jr. 5-7 140 DB
Robert Semulka Jr. 5-10 225 OG
Tommy Valerio So. 5-8 160 K

Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Kody Decker Sr. 5-10 155 DB
Zach Doman Sr. 5-10 250 OL/DL
Anthonie Farrer Sr. 5-9 160 RB
Jonathan Krall Jr. 5-11 155 QB
Seth Krall Jr. 6-0 155 WR
Zach Mudell Jr. 5-10 170 LB

Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Cory Altemara Jr. 5-11 215 FB/LB
Quentin Briggs So. 5-10 205 RB
Ray Campbell Sr. 5-10 235 OL/DL
Jake Linn Sr. 6-1 238 TE/LB
Kyle Shannon Jr. 5-9 188 WR/DB

Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

D.J. Denny Jr. 6-0 165 WR
Nathan Grandelis So. 6-1 245 DL
Thomas Hairston Sr. 6-2 195 LB
Zach Hamilton So. 5-10 165 PK
Joey Joscak Sr. 5-10 185 LB
Dan Lis So. 5-10 170 DB
Anthony Oliver Sr. 5-9 160 LB

Fort Cherry
Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Ryan Babirad So. 6-2 175 WR
Jordan Crowley Sr. 6-1 285 OL
Corey Garry So. 6-1 235 LB
Tanner Garry So. 6-2 180 DB
Nick Hurley Jr. 5-11 170 WR
Gary Kiefer Jr. 5-11 190 RB
Justin Richards Sr. 5-10 170 LB
Mike Silla Sr. 6-2 255 DL

Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Taylor Barchiesi Sr. 5-9 163 K
Derek Haiden Sr, 5-9 170 FB/LB
Thomas Jordan Sr. 6-1 951 G/DE
Ryan Knight Sr. 6-1 195 RB/LB
Hans Lubich Sr. 5-10 150 RB/DB
Brent Moskola Sr. 6-3 170 TE/DB
Josh Schinkovec Sr. 6-4 200 TE/DB
David Sisler Sr. 5-11 215 G/LB

Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

William Cox Jr. 6-1 170 WR/DB
Cory Minnick Sr. 6-0 200 QB/LB
Jarrett Porterfield Sr. 6-1 175 WR/DB

Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Trenton Bedillion Sr. 5-11 170 RB/DB
Adam Fischer Sr. 6-1 220 OL/DL
Tyler Kerns Sr. 6-0 185 RB/DB
John Leasure Jr. 6-2 230 OL/DL
Taylor McAdoo Sr. 5-11 185 TE/LB
Logan McAnany Sr. 6-1 190 RB/LB
Nick Shuman Sr. 5-11 210 FB/LB
Derrick Whipkey Jr. 5-8 165 QB/DB

Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Nick Bolias Jr. 5-10 160 WR/DB
Trae Cook Jr. 5-8 178 RB/DB
Brett Crenshaw Jr. 5-11 179 RB/DB
Stephen Jarabeck Sr. 6-0 187 G/LB
ShelDon Miller Sr. 6-1 190 RB/LB
Mike Pace Jr. 6-2 340 T/DT
James Shuma Sr. 6-1 270 T/DE
Josh Stepoli So. 6-5 215 G/DT
Terrance Stepoli Jr. 6-4 205 QB/DE

Peters Township
Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Andrew Erenberg So. 5-9 185 RB
Chris Freyder Sr. 5-10 210 OG
Nevin Hagman Jr. 6-3 245 OT
Austin Hancock Jr. 6-3 218 QB
Dylan Heitmeir Sr. 5-9 170 DB
Brandon Hoffman Sr. 6-1 215 WR
Boyd Jones Jr. 5-10 270 C
Will McClure Jr. 6-1 200 LB
Justin Simpson Sr. 6-2 210 DL

Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Nick DePalma Jr. 5-11 239 DL
Derrick Fiore Jr. 5-10 178 DB
Skyler Fransko So. 5-10 145 K
Damond Goggins Jr. 5-8 179 LB
Dylan Patch Jr. 5-10 183 ATH
Neal Rands Jr. 6-0 181 LB
Ryan Rosenfeld Sr. 5-10 162 WR

South Fayette
Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Dan Black Sr. 5-11 245 C
Christian Brumbaugh Jr. 6-3 195 QB
Tyler Challingsworth Jr. 5-10 150 DB
Tanner Cortad Jr. 6-3 200 LB
Jeff Davis Jr. 5-10 165 RB
Nick Faraci Jr. 6-3 250 OG/DT
Jon Gardner Sr. 5-7 170 WR/LB
Steve McElhinny Sr. 6-0 235 OT/DE
Eric Myers Jr. 6-1 190 TE
Justin Ramous Sr. 6-0 160 DB
Ryan Ross Sr. 5-9 180 WR
Nolan Spicer Jr. 6-3 230 OT/DE
Chris Williams Sr. 6-0 170 LB

Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Dusty Avolio Sr. 6-0 165 WR
Ty Billie Jr. 6-1 180 P
Ben Brownlee Sr. 6-5 231 OT
Lashawn Bryant Sr. 5-10 270 DL
Joe Havrilak Sr. 6-0 175 DB
Hunter Landock Sr. 6-0 330 OG
Kyle McWreath Jr. 6-0 225 LB
Ryan Moore Sr. 6-4 285 OT
Larry Woods Sr. 5-10 175 LB

Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Julien Anderson Jr. 6-1 183 WR/DB
Zach Barnes Jr. 6-1 220 FB/LB
Marquis Brown Sr. 5-10 160 QB/DB
Laquan Edwards Sr. 5-11 249 OL/LB
Luke Pleta Sr. 5-11 235 OL/DT
Bryan Thomas Sr. 6-4 230 TE/DE

Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Matt Kabay Sr. 6-0 160 DB
John Sinnott Sr. 6-1 230 RB
Mark Stillwagon Sr. 5-7 155 LB

West Greene
Player Yr. Ht. Wt. Pos.

Curtis Jones So. 5-10 185 RB/LB
Dillon Main Jr. 6-0 160 RB/DB


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, no Wilkins from Trinity??! He was Mr. Everything last year (How in the world that happened I'll never know!), this year he did absolutely nothing? And why is that? Not even the coaches from the Big 7 voted him as a All Section player. What happened??

Anonymous said...
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R. Keith Taylor said...

I am glad to see my buddy Ryan Rosenfeld from Ringgold on there. He lives down the hill from me and battled a lot of injuries and did not play for two years. He made the all Big 7 team for honorable mention too. I'm very proud.

Anonymous said...

The absence of Kenny Wilkins and Dan Miller, the two best players at Trinity last year, is indicative of the gross misuse of talent which led to a disastrous year for the Hillers. Opportunity lost.

Anonymous said...

Best 2 players?!! Really? You do know they were the starters the first several weeks dont you??! This was the first year since Miller was a freshman that he wasn't injured. He WAS the starting TB and LB for the first several weeks and never produced. Then got injured again!! Dido with Wilkins. Was the starter on both sides for the first several weeks and didn't produce. Was actually benched. How is that misuse of talent? At what point did these 2 "best athletes" produce anything for Trinity? And which one is your son?!!! Just because you can lift weights doesn't make you a good football player! Stats, yards, tackles, doing your job, being a menace on the field.....That makes you good. And the best player is LaShawn Bryant. Ask anyone in the WPIAL. That kid made a name for himself this year by working hard, playing hard, and doing his job. He was never selfish and it payed off! He is on every list for "All Stars". Remember....Coaches play those who produce.

Anonymous said...

Stats?? Production??
One gets D-1 scholarship and the other averages over 7 yds per carry over a high school career----what do you want??

Never meant to downgrade the accomplishments of Bryant who was excellent. He certainly was tops this year.

Sarcastic Sword said...

just wondering...For the players listed by school,who selected them?

For example, the Ringgold players listed include more than the four players who made 2nd team Big 7 voted on by coaches (Fiore-Rands-Rosenfeld-Patch)

CM FAN said...

Good job CM boys who made the all conference team. Tough year but tihs happens. Good luck to all seniors who will move on to DI DII and DIII football.

Good luck to next years class also.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this is an All District Team and not a let's put everyone on it team????? Doesn't look like much of an honor to be picked for this.

Anonymous said...

All district team? It looks like a let's just pick everyone team to me? What kind of an honor is it to be chosen for this when there are so many?

mike_kovak said...

Players who made the all-district team were selected to their respected all-conference teams, be it first team, second team or honorable mention.

Sarcastic Sword said...

Thanks Mike....Im guessing the other Ringgold players (DePalma-Fransko-Goggins) were honorable mention because I didnt see that in the papers...

How does that work? Does each coach nominate "x" number of players so the other coaches have a starting point? I would think that may happen because I would think it would be difficult for say the coach at BVA remember who played well against from Ringgold when he only sees each team once....