Friday, June 19, 2009

No sophomore slump

Bryce Harper already graced the cover of Sports Illustrated. He's been compared the Alex Rodriguez and (Washington County-born) Ken Griffey Jr. He has an agent in Scott Boras and been tabbed by as "The Chosen One."

Harper is only 16-years-old.

Age means nothing for the Las Vegas resident as Harper, who recently completed his sophomore year, opted for a GED in hopes of pursuing a professional baseball career by enrolling in a community college and being eligible for the 2010 draft.

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Anonymous said...


My opinion grades and education are much more important in life. Sure, sports teach you life lessons. Yes the relationships that you make along the way are important too! But to leave high school that early to pursue a pro career is nuts. Emotionally he will not be able to handle it. Baseball is far different from Kobe and LeBron in basketball. In baseball you fail 7 out of 10 times as a batter and are considered good. Imagine the grind that this kid will endure. I hope that his parents are prepared to be there for him when the going gets bad. He will need a tremendous support group backing him everyday.

Anonymous said...

Y wait go get the cash thats all its about.Thats why you play to earn the money so get it while you can.are you sure this kid isn`t from CM?

I should be a sports writer said...

I agree this kid is going to earn too much money to pass up. Education is important but to earn the kind of money this kid is going to earn in one year would take most of us 30 years of saving.

I think the kid should make a go at it then he can always go back to school if it doesnt work out.

Gotta make that money while u can.

Anonymous said...

cm blows