Saturday, May 23, 2009

PIAA track - Day 2

Coming to you live from Shippensburg University's Serth Grove Stadium for the second day of the PIAA Track and Field Championships. Day 2 promises to yield more medal for local athletes than the opening day.

A few of the top competitors going today are Jefferson-Morgan high jumper Hans Lubich, Trinity shot putter Nate Lojek, Bentworth javelin thrower Amanda Kennedy and Canon-McMillan distance runner Matt Gregory.

Not as warm, yet.

10:19 a.m. – Fort Cherry junior Brian Lauff moved to the finals of the Class AA 110 hurdles. As long as he's not DQ'd, Lauff will win the first PIAA medal in FC boys track.

Trinity sophomore Mike McClelland remains in the Class AAA high jump. He cleared 6-4 on his third and final attempt.

WPIAL Class AAA cross country champion Matt Gregory concluded his varsity running career at Canon-McMillan with a 14th place finish in the 3,200 run (9:35.74). Fort Cherry's Andrew Lucarini, sporting a sweet stache, placed 14th in the Class AA 3,200 (9:53.88) and South Fayette's Julia Denison was 18th in the girls Class AA 3,200 (12:09.65).

10:50 a.m. – Trinity senior Nate Lojek claims first medal of the day for local participants. Lojek, a Robert Morris University football recruit, placed sixth in the Class AAA shot put (53-0).

11:20 a.m. – Bentworth's Amanda Kennedy places fifth in the Class AA javelin (128-8). Kennedy becomes the first Bentworth athlete to medal in consecutive years at the state meet. She placed eighth in the javelin a year ago.

Albert Gallatin's Anthony Stevenson, who attended Wash High as a sophomore, placed fourth in the Class AAA high jump (6-8).

12:18 p.m. – Lauff becomes first Fort Cherry athlete to medal at states – placing sixth in the 110 high hurdles. His time of 15.05 was a personal best and he came within inches of placing fourth.

2:01 p.m. – McGuffey's Sean "J.T." Deschamps and Fort Cherry's Sidney Walter added to the medal total. Deschamps placed fifth in the Class AA 300 hurdles. Walter was eighth in the girls Class AA 300 hurdles.

Overall, local athletes have won six medals. That's three more than last year.

Jeff-Morgan's Hans Lubich – best name in the WPIAL – remains in the Class AA high jump.

Great crowd in attendance. Packed stands, into the events.

2:33 p.m. – Monessen's Tarelle Irwin wins the Class AA 200 (22.25) convincingly. He also placed third in the 100.

Just talked to Lubich and he placed sixth. He cleared 6-4.

3:05 p.m. – Peace. Time to drive to North Carolina.


Anonymous said...

What about Chelsea Zahn from Canon-Mcmillan??? She placed 5th in the AAA Discus.

Anonymous said...

What about Mike (not Eric) McCormick from Wash High? He finished 11th in the AA boys 1600m run with a PR of 4:32.8

Anonymous said...

WOW what a reporter all day and no coverage for Chelsea Zahn a real treat, you work real hard all season get a state medal and your local paper has no record of it! Nice work MK you only had seven medal winner (not SIX) to cover sorry you were too busy!

Anonymous said...

Once again the O-R has proven that it truly is NOT a newspaper for real sports fans. Poor coverage of local PIAA medalists shows that the O-R "sports" staff only reports the sports they care about. It is a travesty that Chelsea Zahn received NO mention in her hometown newspaper. She was the Washington-Greene MVP in the field and a state medalist. Piss-poor O-R. Piss-poor.

FBcoach said...

It is amazing what people have the courage to post when they are doing it anonymously.

Anonymous said...

You are clueless. It has nothing to do with courage. It has everything to do with voicing an observation.
The point is that high school athletes work hard. When they achieve the highest honors, who is going to inform local readers if not for the local paper, blog, website? When that communication medium fails, they need to be told about it - by name or otherwise. So get off your high-horse about what you think courage is, and pay attention to the point.

FBcoach said...

The point is, you are a coward who probably never stepped on any kind of playing field. Have you ever been to the PIAA championships? There are about 15,000 people there and to ask one guy to catch every single thing without a mistake is asinine

Anonymous said...

The medal winners are brought onto an awards stand in front of everyone. Not easy to miss.
In addition what does stepping foot on an athletic field got to do with anything? Some of the most clueless people I've known have stepped foot on plenty of athletic fields. Some FB fields!