Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sign of the (old) times

Part of the ambiance of the press box at Hersheypark Stadium are all the commemorative posters signifying certain Big 33 Classics. For those not in the know, the Big 33 is an all-star high school football game played between Pennsylvania and Ohio. Back in the day, Pennsylvania played the Maryland all-stars.

The 1990 poster, one seven in the press box, sported a likeness of former Hopewell High great Tony Dorsett, who served as the honorary chairman that year.

While looking at the poster, one signature caught my eye. It was of Derek Bochna, who wore No. 10 for PA that year. Bochna, the current McGuffey coach played at Mapletown, before starting at Penn State.

Coach Bochna, what's with the sloppy penmanship?


mike_kovak said...

Anyone notice the signature to the lower left of Bochna's?

It's Kerry Collins, current starting QB of the 10-0 Tennessee Titans.

J.D. Billy said...

haha i saw that but it didnt really register til you said something about it