Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Track tracks

Notes from Class AA Southern Qualifier

A sub.-11.0, 100-meter dash is pretty impressive for any track athlete. But if the times from the Class AA Southern Qualifier is any indication, a sub.11.0 might not be enough to qualify for the state tournament. Waynesburg's Keith Higginbotham turned in a 10.9 (hand-held) and took fourth place.

Jerome Nixon continues to produce talent at Bentworth High School. The 1,600 relay team of Colton Korpus, Chad Hubbell, Chase Hubbell and Anthony Zigerelli won the 1,600 relay with a school-record time of 3:31.8.

Chris Spicer of South Fayette put the shot 47-4 1/4 to take first place, one foot better than second-place R.J. Cook of Beaver.

Charleroi's Ethan Hank, who has posted blistering times in the sprints for Charleroi this season, did not compete in the qualifier.

Fort Cherry's 1,600 relay team of Michelina Campanella, Allison Kelley, Mia Sember and Sidney Walter crossed the finish line first in 4:10.40, nearly two seconds better than second-place South Park.


Anonymous said...

Ethan Hank is soooo soft and scared to lose!!!!

Dustin Leonard said...
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mike_kovak said...

Tsk tsk Mt. Leonard. Strong opinions are strongly encouraged at The Varsity Letters but we will not tolerate foul language.

Mike Kovak
Ruler of The Varsity Letters

slick said...

I understand the fact that strong language is offensive and that we should find a more articulate way to get our points accross, but by the same token isnt an anonymous attack on a stand-out athlete a rather childish move in its own right, This is america and in america we are supposed to be allowed to face our accusser. I guess not in this forum , Here If you lose too or feel jealous toward someone who has beat you, you can lash out and not even have to take any stand personally.I personally feel that this must be a Soft person who is scared to lose something over there oppinion. My name Is Rick Cole and would love the opportunity to match Ethan Hank's Heart up against the spineless yellow belly who obviously came up short to hanks abbillity somewhere along the line

mike_kovak said...


I agree that attacking a high school student-athlete is cowardly and is strongly discouraged.

Foul language must be deleted.

Anonymous said...