Friday, May 9, 2008

Big Day for Big Macs

Tuscano – Winning the first WPIAL Team Title not affiliated with wrestling shows what a difference numbers can make. That's enrollment numbers. Only two schools are gaining enrollment in Washington County: Peters Township and Canon-McMillan. That fact should not be lost on the track program at C-M or any of the other athletic programs enjoying success. Baseball, basketball, and football have gotten better over the past few years and one of the major reason why is the increased number of athletes to choose from. The track program traditionally has been strong but considering the Big Macs beat Baldwin, North Allegheny and Butler in the team tournament is impressive.


Anonymous said...

Posted WPIAL male enrollment figures for the finalists are as follows:
Baldwin 597
Canon-McMillan 599
North Allegheny 997
Butler 1022

Anonymous said...

Having numbers is only one factor. More importantly, convincing today's athletes to give some time to track is as important as giving them quality coaching when they do come out. I know first hand that aau and club sports, jobs, cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, and many other activities interfere with training and discourage kids from even competing for their school. Canon Mac's Championship was truly a David vs. Goliaths Victory!

Anonymous said...

I dont think that the male enrollment figures mean crap.There are many athletes that dont come out for track and CM has had the same track team for 4 years with alot of returning seniors and I feel they won it with heart and hard work not just numbers. The seniors and some juniors and sophmores really stepped up and put the team on their backs and i think there were only about 40 guys out of that 599 that were there for the meet so i dont feel that enrollment crap means anything or else Butler would be getting fitted for their rings at this time.

brian said...

so if enrollment means nothing, why do we have different classifications?

Anonymous said...

Enrollment plays a huge roll in predetermining a how a team fares in sports, either male or female enrollment. However it isn’t the only criteria that matters but given the choice to field a team with a male enrollment of 599 vs. 1000 or better, I would take the school with almost 2x male enrollment eight out of ten times.

Anonymous said...

The lack of coverage is perplexing at best. When the CM boys and girls both place 3rd at WPIAL Team Championships in 2004 , the Big Macs dominated the headlines. The OR also included photos that year. We cannot even get a box score this year after winning the championship. I believe another reporter(Kovak) covered the 2004 meet.

Further, the lack of team coverage is obvious in cross country as well. Evidently, the WPIAL thinks that is important, but the same cannot be said for the OR. The athletes,coaches and parents in all sports invest a great amount of time and energy in track and CC , but to not have have their efforts properly recognized by the local paper is ridiculous. It is easy to conclude that the personal preferences of certain reporters count more than that of the readers.

Also, who cares about the concession stand other than Tuscano?

The enrollment figures certainly highlight the disparities amongst the schools , but it is rather unimportant when one looks at the overall picture. A large enrollment does not make you a winner. Good athletes and good coaching does! CM certainly has these components.

Anonymous said...

If a large enrollment is the only thing indicative of championship teams , then Upper St. Clair would be near last or dead last in AAAA football every year. The Quips , the Prexies, nd "old" Duquesne H.S. would have achieved nothing. Uniontown boys' basketball played in 2 PIAA AAAA chapionship games in the early part of this decade despite "playing up" from AAA. You can either play and coach or you cannot.

The idea that CM Track is doing better because of a growing enrollment is ridiculous. Since 2002 , the boys and girls have combined for 5 section championships ,6 WPIAL individual championships , 9 WPIAL playoff appearances, and 5 appearances in the WPIAL championship meet.

Joe Tuscano said...

It's a pretty simple concept. More students mean more of a chance for more athletes. More athletes mean a better chance of having more talented athletes. More talented athletes mean more wins for the program. It's really not that hard to understand.

Anonymous said...

A larger enrollment gives a coach more choices , but it does not necessarily make a better program. If this was the case , then Butler and Hempfield would be dominant powers in football. They have not won in years.

No matter how many kids are out for the team , you still need a strong coaching staff , supportive parents , and help from the principal and the athletic director. It is as simple as that!

Did Mr. Tuscano ever coach ? He seems to prefer the concession stand.

Anonymous said...

So since Canon-McMillan is doing so well with all of the spring sports. I was wondering how Coach Bell would regroup the basketball team and have them back in the playoffs again. And who would be starting this year?

Anonymous said...

Chad Hagen F
Will Glendenning G
Kionte Davis PG
Kurt Bonnet C

No one has stepped up to claim the other spot yet. Should be an interesting season. Moons departure should be a great benefit to a CM 08-09 successful campaign.

Anonymous said...

Two of those four were on the WPIAL championship track team.
Both were hard working,team oriented athletes. They WILL do the same for coach Bell next year.

Anonymous said...

Zack Chardello is going to be a huge threat this year for the Big Mac Basketball team. He will be the fifth and final starter on Coach Bell's fab five. Chad Mitchell and Dylan Berger will be the sixth and seventh men off the bench. They will also play a vital role in the Big Mac's season this year.