Friday, May 9, 2008

Food for thought

Tuscano – Normally, I would not attempt to denegrate the work of volunteers. But anyone who made the trip to West Mifflin for the WPIAL Class AAA Team Tournament had to be, ahem, impressed by the concession stand operation. I am not overstating this fact: The concession stand at West Mifflin was the most inept and disorganized in my 28-year history of covering any scholastic sport.

It took 35 minutes – yes, I timed it – to secure two hot dogs, with chili, and a candy bar. The concession stand had two lines, one simply to order the food on a tear-off menu, the other to wait in with the menu in hand to give it to someone who would fill your order. The line, as you might have guessed, stretched 63 feet or 21 yards – yes, I walked it off.

That type of poor organizing simply has to be recognized.


Anonymous said...

wow. So I guess that's why we don't have any good commentary on here about that Championship meet. The writer(s) were too busy standing in line for dinner for a half hour.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. At theJV meet last Saturday,I stood in line to order a gatorade, stood in line again to pay for the gatorade, and then waited my turn to get that gatorade.
At the championship meet I got smart and gave my cash to an athlete who was already standing in line!!!