Thursday, November 8, 2007

Questions and keys

The following questions won't be answered until Trinity lines up against Montour:

1. Can Trinity tackle Montour's Christian Wilson and Edgar Banks?
Andrew Sweat and Mike Yancich can but it's up to the rest of the defense to respond with its best effort for the Hillers to advance.
2. How many points will Trinity need to score?
Montour is going to move the football. The guess here is Trinity must put up 35-38 points to win.
3. Is the Hillers' passing offense capable?
It's getting better. Alex Frey is making plays. This game could come down to quarterback Ian Haley's ability to make throws under pressure.

Keys to victory
1. Sweat must be more physical than Wilson.
"Wilson's an outside linebacker so we can run away from him," Trinity coach Ed Dalton said. "But those two are going to meet up quite a bit."
2. Create turnovers.
Trinity's defense intercepted three passes and had three sacks last week against Mt. Pleasant. Getting pressure on Banks is a must.
3. Get ahead.
The Hillers play their best with the lead. Given their old-school offense, an early deficit could spell a blowout.


Anonymous said...

Montour 35-0......Wilson > Sweat

Here comes the PAIN TRAIN Hillers!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Trinity! My school is out but I am always rooting for the local teams.

Mapod said...
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Mapod said...

With The Trinity lost and might be Ed last game. Would love to thanks this years team for a great year. If it is Ed last game as coach, I like to thank him for everything he has done to make Trinity better.
Thanks once again all.

Anonymous said...

You may be able to run away from Wilson, but that usually just runs you right into Muha.

Sweat and Yancich are the only two D1 prospects that I have seen that are fully worthy of their Press! They were great!