Monday, November 5, 2007

Football sites

The WPIAL released sites for the football quarterfinals a few minutes ago.

In Class AAA, No. 2 Montour (10-0) plays No. 10 Trinity (7-3) Friday, 7:30 p.m. at Canon-McMillan.

In Class A, No. 3 Monessen (10-0) plays No. 6 Monaca (8-2) Friday, 7:30 p.m. at Ringgold.


Anonymous said...

Mike, do you think that Canon Mac's stadium will be suitable for the game. (Remember how terrible week one was for Trinity fans with the tiny 10 row bleachers on the visitors side?) This could send some fans home angered from a WPIAL playoff game, where fans should be able to view the game as best they possiably can.

Monique Ringling said...

Hey Mike,
This reader makes a good point. I was approached yesterday by a Trinity cheerleader mom asking if we (C-M) still had those temporary bleachers because when she attended the Trinity & C-M game she couldn't see a thing including her daughter. She doesn't want to attend if Trinity fans have to sit on the visitor side. I told her maybe Trinity will have the home section but whose to tell?

Mapod said...

Well good luck to both of these teams. Would enjoy see the Greyhounds get there 600 and Trinity becaming a regular in the playoffs.

mike_kovak said...

To be honest, from bad parking to poor lighting to not enough seats and way too many hangers-on in the press box, C-M's Memorial Stadium is far from my favorite place. Fewer seats could create a problem though if the weather is anything like I experienced Tuesday night in Johnstown for Peters Twp. soccer, I reckon a few people will decide not to go.

Char Valley would have been the best site, but the Colts are still in the playoffs.

Mapod said...

I will never understand why CM stadium. Parking is the main thing. Does a team have to be out of playoff to use the stadium?

mike_kovak said...

Not necessarily, but the WPIAL tends not to use facilities where the home team is still playing and I agree.

Peters Township could be used for the Trinity game but it may not have enough seating either. Honestly, there wasn't a lot of places to put the Trinity-Montour game.

Get there early if you want to park within a half-mile of the stadium.