Friday, November 30, 2007

On the mark

The Trinity rifle team is one of the most dominant teams in the WPIAL. The Hillers showed why Friday against Mt. Lebanon.

They fired an 800-77x. A perfect score is 800-80x. Trinity needed the expert shooting as Mt. Lebanon scored 800-69x.

O-R sportswriter F. Dale Lolley, the outdoors editor and staff rifle expert, said he has never seen a team put up a higher score.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, thanks for that shout out for all rifle teams. Most people don't consider it a sport. The dedication and concentration are more than most people realize. Throw into that discipline of breathing and keeping your head clear of all thoughts, except that of the target. My best to all local rifle teams.

Dale Lolley said...

Here at the O-R, we certainly recognize it as a sport. We're the only paper in the Pittsburgh area that has covered the past 12 or so rifle championships - both individual and team.
And Trinity's score right out of the gate was pretty impressive. But they needed every X because Mt. Lebo shot well, too.