Thursday, May 24, 2012

Twitter Thursday All-Stars

Twitter Thursday started as a lark, and a not very popular one with some of the older readers of The Varsity Letters. It turned into a popular feature, one read by athletes, coaches and parents alike. Some athletes even changed their Twitter handles to something less vulgar in hopes on landing a tweet on Twitter Thursday. Honestly, the response to something I never thought would catch on was surprising, to say the least.

Eventually, Twitter Thursday became too much of a task. Sifting through all those comments took far too much time and the language used in many of them were inappropriate subject matter for this blog.

No biggie. I still enjoyed reading the posts of many athletes, coaches and parents. It's become a great tool to communicate, and a great tool in terms of contacting athletes for stories.

Not sure what future Twitter Thursday holds, but it's been an interesting year following many of you. And you can still follow me @TheMikeKovak.

So here it is, the Twitter Thursday All-Stars. The only qualifications are you must be a high school athlete to qualify. No coaches, assistant coaches, fellow scribes or journalists were considered.

Twitter Thursday Most Valuable Tweeter
Corey Garry
May 23
"#FCShoutOut to beating charteirs 5 years in a row. Greatest rivalry I've been a part of"
May 23
"#FCShoutOut to the football field being named after my pap. I'm so proud of that."
May 18
"Verlander just gets stronger as he goes on. He's an alien from planet Tralfamadore"
May 16
"Last high school sporting event in the books. It's been a hell of a ride and I love these guys to death. #Beautiful Ride"

The Almost Twitter Thursday Most Valuable Tweeter
Doug Wilson
May 24
"Mr Krabs lives in bikini bottom..think about it"
May 22
"Where's my scholarship for being da best? #imdabest"
May 20
"Who had Danny Green being a better pro than '08 UNC teammates Ed Davis, Tyler Hansbrough, and Wayne Ellington?"
May 18
"I was soooooooo close to winning peters prom king #imdabest"

The rest of the Twitter Thursday All-Stars ...

West Jones, @RealWestJones
May 20
"It's scary sitting in my sunroom at night!! I feel like someone is watching me 😰"
May 19
"The best way to make someone remember you is to borrow money from them."
May 17
"I'm not gonna lie I don't really get nervous or hype for meets. I was listening to Justin Bieber and Rihanna on the way up here haha"

Katie Denning, @kdenning24
May 21
"That's what you get for beating us on senior rec night, lebo. WE'RE GOING TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! #ptlaxordie"
May 3
"I can't believe four years went by so fast! Let's make tonight's game one to remember #seniorrec #ptlaxordie #beatlebo"
Apr 24
"Can't spell suck without USC. Leggo #ptgl #gameday"

Carolena Gasbarro, @cmgcare42
May 23
"The entire senior class all tearing up with the video .... great job to the people who made it ...."
May 22
"When you get an 85% in gym&you play 3 sports all year round&gym is your worst grade on your fourth nine week report card"
May 20
"Think I'm going to sit in the gym tomorrow and just look in that corner expecting you to be looking right back at me! #MissYouYellingAtMe"

Josh Wise, @jlwise_whs11
May 23
"Just wana take care of business and have fun up at states need time relax and be stress free this is going to be just what I needed!"
May 22
"I just wana put my helmet on and look through that visor as I go under center #FootballTweet #CantWait"
May 18
"Woke up this morning and looked over to my bed stand and what the first thing I see a wpial gold medal =) I still can't believe it"

Graham Lescallette, @BigSauce_85
May 11
"I just can't fathom the sadness circulating throughout the area. My condolences go out to the Alouise and Herriot families. #RIP"
May 4
"I don't know if I'm getting stronger or if I'm getting injured. #SoSore #LiftingProblems"
Apr 29
"I love that the song Superfly is on the commercial for the new Johnny Depp movie. #CurtisMayfield"

Ryan Dupain, @RyanDupain
May 23
"Being in the NFL does not lead to suicide. Neither do concussions. Other factors, not football."
May 17
"I will rep #BTown and the #WPIAL at the PIAA Track and Field championships running high hurdles. #HurdleGangOrDie #StateBound"
May 10
"Congrats to the boys Wash High track team on their WPIAL championship. Those dudes are for real. Rep the #WPIAL."

Chavas Rawlins, @SiiiTreyy
May 23
"Still can't believe how my life is going. I enjoy everyday of it!!!! Never thought I'd be this far and this happy!!"
May 23
"Committing to #WVU had to be the best decision I ever made!!!!"
May 21
"RIP former WVU coach Bill Stewert. Only talked to you once and still thought very highly of you!!! #RIP"

Quad Law, @TheRealQuad_Law
May 13
"in da movies wit my shirt off!"
May 9
"feels so good to be back in the weight room! 💪"
May 3
"lol you better than me cuz your goin "D1"??? ####"

Joe Graziani, @JoeGrizz52
May 24
"I'm glad my mommy loves me and let's me get early dismissals whenever I want them. #LoveYouMammaGraz"
May 21
"Bible in one hand, Shotgun in the other. #AlwaysReppin"
May 15
"You can learn more character on the two-yard line than anywhere else in life.#OLine #AlwaysAndForever"

Andrew Erenberg, @andrew_erenberg
May 15
"What if the North American hairless log bear mated with the North American Bukovich?"
May 9
"Today is my brothers birthday... Therefore if you see him I am giving you permission to impose your will on his right arm."
April 24
"When you hear Aspen and the first thing you think of isn't California... Your not my friend"

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