Monday, October 18, 2010

Week in Review, Week 7

Team of the Week - Washington
Numbers rarely lie and they certainly didn't in Wash High's 61-27 win over Quaker Valley at Wash High Stadium.

The Prexies rushed for 541 yards and four players - Jaylin Kelly, Jordan Thomas, Zach Barnes and Shai McKenzie - topped 100 yards rushing.


Washington's offensive line turned in a performance of a lifetime as Kelly rushed for three touchdowns. Barnes and Thomas each had two, while McKenzie topped it off with a 90-yarder during late-game duty.

Runner-up - Carmichaels

Starting 11
Zach Barnes, Washington
Christian Brumbaugh, South Fayette
Trae Cook, Monessen
Cody Durant, Beth-Center
Tanner Garry, Fort Cherry
Cameron Geresti, Avella
Jaylin Kelly, Washington
Daniel Lis, Chartiers-Houston
Demetrius Louis, Ringgold
Ryan Mundell, Carmichaels
Nick Zupper, Waynesburg
First sub
Jordan Thomas, Washington

Game of the Week - Carmichaels 15, Frazier 14 (OT)
Two playoff hopefuls from the Tri-County South Conference took the field in Frazier and, for four quarters, the defenses ruled as the Mikes and Commodores were tied, 7-7, at the end of regulation. Frazier struck first in overtime on a five-yard run from Josh Guiser. Kyle Rodriguez's extra point gave Frazier, who was a sturdy 4-1 in conference, a 14-7 lead.

Carmichaels got the football and countered with Zach Mundell's second rushing touchdown of the game to make it 14-13. Head coach John Menhart, in a gutsy move, went for two points and quarterback Josh Mundell scored the game-winning run. After an 0-3 start in conference play, Carmichaels is 3-3 in the TCS and looking good for a postseason berth.

Menhart's decision proves an old adage that too often gets overlooked - you play for the win on the road.

Weird, wild stuff - Ringgold is 7-0 for the first time. Repeat - Ringgold is 7-0 for the first time. ... Monessen has won 17 straight Tri-County South games. The Greyhounds' last conference loss was at Beth-Center in 2008. ... Hopewell junior Rushel Shell has past a laundry list of local legends the past two weeks to climb all the way to fifth on the WPIAL's all-time list. The record held by Fort Cherry's Mike Vernillo appears to be in Shell's sights. ... On the same weekend as Shell continued his rapid climb, Ryan Brumfield of Owen J. Roberts became Pennsylvania's all-time rusher as he now has 7,451 career yards.


Anonymous said...

shell is a beast. The record will surely fall.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that in the Carmichaels game, Josh Mundel scored the two point conversion for the win.

Anonymous said...

You know what, go ahead and keep going to all the newspapers in the area about your stuff getting stolen. I find it funny now. Clairton blows you out so you have to make it known that you had a couple of things taken DESPITE the fact that Clairton already handled this issue. You people are the biggest bunch of cry babies I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Wash High rushes for almost 600 yards of offense and no "Experts" make any comments about the coaching? I'm shocked! Surely there was something those guys could have done better to score 70 points and rushed for 700 yards? Maybe move some players around to "where they should be palying". This shows it always comes down to who you have and what the other teams have. Wash High played a tough schedule the first 6 weeks with a young team. Great job coaches keeping your young team togehter with all the negativity from the parents who coach "Midget Football" that know it all!

prexie said...

washington has the talent to compete i've said it all brower the ball to start a spark in the offense "what a concept". he should get the ball 4 times a game minimum not 4x a year. as for the running backs work in misdirection jet sweeps reverses play action and they get more room to run, because you freeze the linebackers. i dont mean to be negative after that game but i just think they could have competed against keystone oaks and seton lasalle and steele valley better and maybe got a win out of it. these teams do not have more talent. i will say the running back for steele valley is the best in the conference. jordan thomas is fun to watch too bad he is 5ft 7 and 130. mckenzie is going to be good he has the speed. i also think spinks needs to see the ball on offense, also,him and brower may be the 2 best return men in the conference.sorry for the long paragraph. just some thoughts.

mike_kovak said...

My apologies anon 7:03 p.m.

Loki said...

Anon @ October 19, 2010 7:24 AM

I find it funny how you feel that a crime was committed and you down play it saying "you had a couple of things taken" and the reason it was reported was that Clairton blows them out!?!?! Really?!?!? So according to you there is no win here, right? If you get your stuff stolen and a crime is committed don't report it or you did it to spite us!?!?!? Is Clairton the victim here all of a sudden?!?!?! I'm confused?!?!?! Crybabies?!?! How about the criminals keep their hands off of stuff that doesn't belong to them!?!?! It has nothing to do with a blowout but more to do with criminals and how they conduct themselves, and apparently people acting as if they do no wrong and "WHOA is Clairton all the time" as if Clairton is the victim. So much success seems destined for failure...

prexie said...

sorry anon 8:10am, i cant totally agree. the coaches have made some changes for the better but they should have recognized it sooner. the team has had 12 qrts or more this year without a first down. they have not thrown on first down this year but a handful of times.avella had 6 first downs against clairton and we had none. we have speed in brower spinks mckenzie and thomas but they only see the ball a handful of times or not at all.some of the lineman dont get out of their stance but they stay in the game. you cant blame the coaching for everything but some of this stuff is football calling was better last game. more throws on 1st down. and please throw more to gordon , he has the hands and he will go get it.i'm not trying to be a coach, but i see what i see. as for the midget coaches, some of these guys know the kids better they win.

Sarcastic Sword said...

@Anon 7:24............Why so defensive about the thefts from the Bentworth locker room being published in the newspaper? Not sure why its a non-news story to you just because it was "handled" by the Clairton administration....And its not in the paper because Clairton won in a blowout. Since the police are involved and no arrests have been made, its still an open investigation and very relevant to the community.

This is what I dont get it..Why are a few defenders of Clairton on this blog so quick to wash away the horrible behavior by either players or fans? Like its acceptable or normal...

Anonymous said...

This Blog has made me hate the word "Clairton"

Anonymous said...

Wash High played Quaker Valley. They won two games in as many years.They should have played better than they did. Any decent freshman team would play QV tough with a chance to win. anon 810 am is probably a coach

Joey Niklas said...

Settle down my Clairton folk. I know what Fetsko did the other week was a punk act. And i'm sure there's going to be some more controversy this Friday that's going to stir up this board. We know our squad is one of the best in the state. Lets not stir the pot here more than need be.

Sarcastic Sword said...

What did Fetsko do?

mike_kovak said...


He voiced displeasure with Clairton throwing the football late in the game during a blowout over the Bucs.

It's been well discussed on this board and there's not much need to visit the topic again as it upset quite a number of people.