Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Live – Wash High vs. Quaker Valley

The Varsity Letters is blogging live from today's PIAA Class AA boys second round playoff game between Washington and Quaker Valley at the Palumbo Center.

Four minutes to tip.

6:13 1st – Robert Anderson scores on a breakout. High up 3-0. QV – three turnovers, no field goal attempts.

Wash High closes out 1st quarter on 10-0 run. Nick Bryant scores 10 first-quarter points as Wash High leads, 18-8.

4:01 2nd – Wash High ahead 24-18. QV has only four rebounds but has kept the game close with four three-pointers.

Halftime – Wash High leads, 26-20. Bryant has 12 points. The Prexies have nine offensive rebounds.

Washington has 17 rebounds. Quaker Valley has five reounds.

5:25 3rd – Wash High up 36-23 as it opens 3rd with a 10-3 run. Troy Wilson and Bryant scored all 10 points.

After three, it's Wash High 43-29. Bryant injured an ankle grabbing a defensive rebound at the 2"06 mark but returned to take the final shot of the third.

4:16 4th – We have a Herb Pope sighting. Pope, the oft-traveled former Aliquippa star who will play at Seton Hall next year, just walked in for the Quips game, which follows this one.

Wash High is up 50-32.

Final score, Wash High 60- 38 . The Prexies dominated the second half. Read more in tomorrow's Observer-Reporter.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Little Prexies and Coach Faust. This has been quite a season. Things are about to get tougher but with the way you're playing and what seems to be a bit of magic in the air, who knows where this ends up?

Good Luck Wash High!


Herb Pope is in the building. Someone should tell him to quit being a meat head and start using his abilities.

Anonymous said...

Did Washington really swich free throw shooter last game?

mike_kovak said...

No. Washington did not switch free throw shooters.

In a play that happened right in front of me, Washington – leading 42-41, had the basketball. Mark Wise was fouled. The refs believed Nick Bryant was fouled. Bryant shot the free throws made both.

Final score, 44-41.

Anonymous said...

thanks mike for setting the record straight. i don't quite understand where all the hostility for wash high comes from but wha a shame. these kids work hard and play hard as well. they also lose with dignity. no one wants to give these kids their props but keep beating them down and to believe that children are out to win by any means necessary; what a crock. let it go and move on. no one comments so much when the refs make obvious and blatant calls against wash high but one call that was a mistake people act as if the world will end. get a life and move on.

Anonymous said...

Without Cortez was a no brainer for Wash to win

Anonymous said...

When will CHAR VALLEY be inducted into the high school hall of fame? What a dynasty i guess when you play teams in orlando with mickey,mini,goofy,daffy,pooh you are Grrrrrrreeeaaat.We knew we would not be reading anymore post from CV allum.Keep up the good work WASH HIGH represent

Anonymous said...

wash high is obsessed with this blog.

-QV 4 Life