Sunday, June 29, 2008

The voting process

It's time to briefly explain how the Observer-Reporter sports staff selects its boys and girls athletes of the year.

First off, I come up with a list of candidates. Until last year, only seniors were considered but Trinity's Andrew Sweat had such a good junior campaign, the time came to add underclassmen.

From the list, the six members of the sports staff vote for their respective top three with five points going to a first-place vote, three for a second-place vote and one for a third-place vote. After all votes are in, I add up the point totals.

This year, the selection was anything but unanimous. On the boys side, Burgettstown's Dan Conley narrowly edged Canon-McMillan's Mike Hull. And Wash High's Jenna Phillips edged Waynesburg's Rachel Rohanna.

Arguments can be made for many athletes but, remember, who sees more high school teams from our coverage area than the O-R sports staff? We take many things into consideration (such as Hull decisioning Conley in wrestling, the number of sports) and make our selections. We also do not fault athletes for their classification.

Here's how the final tally went down:
1. Dan Conley Burgettstown 21 points
2. Mike Hull, Canon-McMillan 18 points
3. Charles Murphy, Canon-McMillan 12 points
4. Shane Pruitt, Peters Township 8 points
5. Jon Kennedy, Bentworth 6 points
1. Jenna Phillips, Washington 24 points
2. Rachel Rohanna, Waynesburg 23 points
No one else close in girls voting


Joe Maize said...

The word out of Peters is that the Astros are going to make a serious run for JJ by the August 15th deadline. Their #1 pick Jason Castro will sign but will be fast-tracked. Right now the only catcher that they've signed that they are intending to keep at catcher is Rene Garcia a young kid from Puerto Rico. Garcia is very raw and figures to require 2 seasons of rookie ball. That leaves the door open for a young catcher that can come in and at least be in Low-A ball by next spring. Look for JJ to get an offer of around $250,000 plus the "we'll pay for your college if you ever decide to go" package. I can't think of a nicer, more caring, team player than JJ-- you deserve the big bucks!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to JJ! It is great to see a ball player from this area do well. Good Luck and hope to see you in the big leagues.

brian said...

if he makes it to the next level it will surely be as a first baseman and not a catcher.

Anonymous said...

There's no way that first post was serious.

Aaron Maize said...

If JJ is the "nicest, most caring team player" why do his teammates dislike him so much there Joe? It's one thing to use the kid for victories, but I've got to believe you are using LSD there Coach Maize if you think those things about JJ.

Anonymous said...

I could easily be wrong but isn't $250,000 a lot for someone who would be playing single A baseball?

Mapod said...

Both Jenna Phillips and Rachel Rohanna desire this award. Congrates to Jenna. But any girl that competes agaist the boys and beat them and wins the WPIAL and PIAA golf titles. would get my vote. But to both of you, Congrates.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever go out of the box and consider those other sports that also take alot of practice?

mike_kovak said...

We sure do.

Just a few years ago, McGuffey's Jeff Weiss was Boys AOY. He ran cross country and track.

Anonymous said...

conley over hull? ha thats great. Hull was far more productive in football, and beat him one on one in wrestling. Hull was also leading off for the state champion baseball team. Did Conley even play a spring sport?

Anonymous said...

Far more productive than Conley, eh smart guy?

Conley rushed for over 1,100 yards scored more touchdowns, led Class AA in tackles and was the MVP of a conference with way more tradition than C-M football could ever hope to have.

Anonymous said...

"was the MVP of a conference with way more tradition than C-M football could ever hope to have."

Thats funny.
Go lead AAAA in rushing like some Hull kid did.

Anonymous said...

a conference with more tradition? maybe since canon-mcmillan joined the conference a few years ago. Now putting tradition aside lets actually talk about how good the teams are. the Greater Southern Conference is hands down the toughest in the wpial. (though mckeesport is gone this year). and yeah hull lead Quad A in the wpial for rushing AS A SOPHOMORE. oh and its funny how that was the only sport you mentioned. i guess there is no comeback for hull wiping the mat with conley eh smart guy?