Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Picking the winners

Including the bonus pick, I went 5-1 in the first round with the lone miss being the Wash High girls. Time to pick the quarterfinals winners.

PIAA Class AAAA baseball
Peters Township over Canon-McMillan
PIAA Class AAA baseball
Trinity over Hickory
PIAA Class A baseball
Carmichaels over Homer-Center

PIAA Class AA softball
Bald Eagle Area over Washington


Anonymous said...

Mike are you covering the Peters-CM game tomorrow? I know it has been hyped like no other game before it, but I do believe it will live up to the hype.

mike_kovak said...

Yes, I will be there. Looking forward to the game.

Anonymous said...

"Hyped like no other game before it"? You've got to be kidding. All I saw in the newspaper today was three sentences that referred to the game.

mike_kovak said...

Read Thursday's paper for more. No need for overkill on one game when we have three other games to cover.

I don't see how either PT or C-M fans can have any complaints about the coverage they've received.

Anonymous said...

Consol Energy Park seats 5,000. I am expecting at least 3,500 to attend. The Pirates may not get that much attendance for their game against the Astros tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Mike what made you pick Hickory over Trinity when Hickory is posting a 19-1 record?

Anonymous said...

CM 7 Peters 3

I keep hearing about Peter and CM joining forces to play Legion.
How can these two powerhouses team up to form a Legion team?

Anonymous said...

Well until this season, Canon-Mac players have composed the majority of the Houston legion team. The team also included players from Chartiers-Houston, Avella, etc. Last year, the team struggled to get nine players for almost any given game. At least four or five of those players aren't returning for various reasons (age, moving, different team) and there has been no real interest for younger players to go out for the team. So rather than these kids being unable to play legion ball this summer, somewhere around five Canon-Mac players will play for Peters Township.

Should be a pretty loaded team, even without some of PT's top players.

mike_kovak said...

I picked Trinity because they're getting outstanding pitching and great defense at the right time.

Let's remember, they gave West A one heckuva game and there are some who say West A is the best team in PA regardless of classification. I am not one of those people.

Also, Trinity beat Hickory in states last year.

And, not many thought Wash High softball would beat an undefeated Villa Maria in the first round (including me), but the Prexies did.

So call it a hunch, but I'm sticking with the Hillers.