Wednesday, March 12, 2008

All-time basketball teams

The Varsity Letters' all-time football team became a popular, and controversial. post. So, naturally, compiling the best of local boys and girls basketball turned into a season-long process.

There are a couple factors into being named to Mike Kovak's all-time teams. First, the player must have been in high school at some point between the 1999-2000 season and the present. Why? Because it covers my time here at the Observer-Reporter. Second, players must be from the O-R coverage area.

Boys starters
Ramone Barnes, Washington
Dan Davis, Fort Cherry
A.J. Jackson, Monessen
Eric Lang, Peters Township
Justin Moore, Canon-McMillan

Girls starters
Charel Allen, Monessen
Emily Briggs, Chartiers-Houston
Emily Correal, Peters Township
Vanessa Davison, Washington
Amber Harris, Washington

Boys backups
Josh Arnold (Monessen), Erik Chmel (McGuffey), Rick Cope (California), Steve Daniele (Peters Township), Rashad Davison (Washington), Christian Goetz (Burgettstown), Javon Hines (South Fayette), Brandon Jackson (Monessen), Jon Kennedy (Bentworth), Ryan Moye (Washington), Charles Murphy (Canon-McMillan), Paul Ruhmann (South Fayette), P.J. Schumacher (Waynesburg), Nate Stoner (Waynesburg), Joe Testa (Trinity), Tim Tyree (Monessen), Troy Wilson (Jefferson-Morgan)

Girls backups
Mallory Fritz (Peters Township), Cameron Jones (Canon-McMillan), Jill Klinar (Peters Township), Kristen Lancas (Ringgold), Raelynn Miles (Fort Cherry), Rachel Phillips (West Greene), Emily Schartner (Ringgold), Megan Stuvek (Carmichaels), Megan Summersgill (Waynesburg), Brittany Warren (Ringgold), Latitia Williams (Monessen)


Mapod said...

Who going to caoch these teams?

Anonymous said...

How could you miss all the girls that played at wash high. unbelievable!Especially the Bennett girl. she was straw that stirrred the drink. If not for two torn ACL she would have been a sure fire D1 point guard. Even played over 3 years in college on torn ACL's.

Anonymous said...

Wow! She must have been pretty memorable that Bennett girl.

SPI said...

Any word on where Dan Davis is now? He played a year at Polk CC for Coach Matt Furjanic but as I understand it did not return for his sophomore season.

mike_kovak said...

According to a former post, Davis was trying to catch on at Community College of Beaver County and working in Imperial.

Anonymous said...

Where is the all time Soccer, Wrestling, Baseball and Track and Field Teams???????

mike_kovak said...

I think I could coach these teams but you couldn't go wrong with someone like Ron Faust, Joe Salvino, Rick Bell or Steve Luko (who had a great three-year run at California).

If I made an all-time wrestling team, Ric Flair is at the top of the list.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Even though the 2005-2006 Ringgold Rams basketball team under achieved, every player on that team would be worthy of that list. People like Kellen Holmes, Mike Watkins, Bean Heller, and the list goes on.

Anonymous said...

phil pergola could coach those teams

Anonymous said...

Yeah to not even mention the Bennett girl is crazy! When Washington arrived to play a game from 2000-2003 she was def a #1 threat. Without her most of their wins are not possible. She was an unselfish and very talented player. The talent she had can not be taught. She was a natural point guard and I agree w/o 2 torn acls she would have definitely went Division 1!! She is better than most of the girls that made the list! She made the other players around her better, she damn sure could of worried about herself but she never did. It's okay though because at the end of her senior year she won both MVP awards for the games she played in...

I'm just disgusted at whoever picked these teams WITHOUT even mentioning her name!!

Anonymous said...

What about Troy Yonkers? What about RJ Brownlee? What about Brandon Jackson?

Yonkers was the only true big man to come out of the area in the last 8 years. He had the nicest hook shot I have seen in a long time.

Brandon Jackson was the best basketball player to come out of Mo-Town in the in last 8 years. If he would have played basketball in college you would have read more about him. Brandon was the career scoring leader and still would be if he played varsity his 9th grade year. Also, I didnt see A.J. Jackson carrying the team to any championship runs the way Jackson did. Matt Dent from Monessen should also be on the list....

Anonymous said...

Did someone forget about Jason young from burgettstown he was a double double machine bad picks