Friday, October 26, 2007

Weighing in on a coaching rumor

The last few times I've spoken with local football coaches and area fans, the same question has popped up.

And no, it's not "How's Jim Boone?"

Much discussion has circulated about Trinity football coach/athletic director Ed Dalton leaving after this year. It's my turn to weigh in on the matter.

Yes, like many of you, I've heard the stories of how Dalton is headed to Erie and that he told the football boosters as well as the players that this is his last year. By all accounts, he did. That doesn't mean he's leaving.

Coaches, like all other humans, change their minds. I recall a few years ago, getting a phone call from legendary Blackhawk boys basketball coach John Miller. As a former writer for the Beaver County Times, I knew Miller and vice versa. Actually, I was one of two guys on the staff that he got along with. We chatted for a few and he told me he was retiring at the end of the season and that I could quote him and go with the story.

I did. Guess what? Miller coached for three more years.

So, no matter what is being said, I will not be convinced Dalton will leave Trinity until he hands in his resignation.

And, if Trinity fans want him gone, well, that's just shameful.

Dalton has done a tremendous job with a football program that was THE joke of the WPIAL. The only thing I knew about Trinity before starting at the O-R in Sept. 1999 was that Trinity always lost. Now, Trinity contends for the playoffs on a yearly basis and, more importantly, Dalton sends his players to college programs. Not just talking Ohio State. There are times a coach is more proud of sending a marginal athlete to a team like Denison than he is of having a big-time recruit. Dalton is one of those guys.

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Mapod said...

Dalton has done a great job not only for football but also in his hiring. He has taken an football program up several step. The best thing he has done is get kids into college. Not only football, but I have seen it done also in other sports. Not sure if Dalton will be here next year or not, if he is to leave, the one thing he should be rememeber for is making a playoff bound team.