Friday, October 19, 2007

Pet peeves

Here's a quick list of 10 job-related things that drive me bonkers (stay tuned for what I enjoy about high school sports)"

1. Giving the score without naming the teams. Readers probably wouldn't believe how many times a game comes in over the phone, a staffer asks for the score and we hear, "Four to one." The guys used to crack up every time I said, "Ok, Who had the four? Ok, now you had the one?" Next time I get one of these, maybe it's time to start making up teams.

2. Giving the score of the losing team first. Come on, ever see the losing score printed first? Ridiculous. This runs rampant in youth baseball. Maybe a course should be offered on score giving. The simplest thing has proven very difficult for many to accomplish.

3. Unprepared callers. Nothing better than spending 10 minutes taking a golf match over the phone when it should take two. To all the coaches out there who call in and know the order the O-R needs things, we appreciate your efforts as you are a rare and dying breed.

4. Histrionics by high school athletes. Nothing wrong with a little trash talk (especially between rivals such as CM-Trinity) or unrehersed celebration but is anyone else tired of seeing some 5-10, 190-pound junior bump his chest after breaking up a pass or making a tackle?

5. Seeing more sports stories about the kids from old Duquesne High School. I understood at the beginning of the football season but enough is enough. Unfortunatley, basketball season is just around the corner. Get ready for another wave.

6. Football coaches who feel the need to mock an O-R sports writer after a game because the writer picked the other team in Thursday's paper. Last time I checked, other than Monessen, no teams who make the sports pages are undefeated.

7. Fans who believe the Wild Things could give the Pittsburgh Pirates a game. I've never heard anything so stupid.

8. Statisticians, hangers-on, etc., who get carried away in the press box. This is one area whwere I give the locals credit. Area press boxes are generally easy to work from, there are others, however, where it makes for an annoying three hours.

9. Cliches. Sometimes, it's hard not to use them. Many of the people I speak with are teachers, and I often wonder if they use the same boring, dreary, drab language in class.

10. Coaches who think they are better than everyone else.

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Mapod said...

Comments on your Pet peeves.
1 thru 3. Sound like Youth baseball when parents try get their kids name in paper.
4) I love when they pump their chest after scoring a TD when they are losing 50-6.
5) Your going to be hearing alot of those stories shortly more schools will close.
6)Well they just out to prove you wrong. Nothing like a nice teasing.
7 and 8 just local fans not truely thinking.
9) I think before any sport player give interviews should go to class and learn how to talk.
10) Are they not God.