Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dropping the ball

The PIAA Board of Control made a poor decision earlier this summer when it approved a shorter winter sports season in an effort to maintain its current 16-week football schedule.
Not only did all winter sports lose two competitions per season, most fall sports were affected as well.
There are several problems with this decision. For one, the PIAA sends a clear message to all student-athletes not playing football that you're not as important as the ones who are playing football. Secondly, college-bound athletes in other sports will not be as prepared as student- athletes from other states who get in more games.
This is particularly true in baseball, where Pennsylvania plays, in some cases, 20 fewer games than teams in other states.
Now, I'm all for high school football. It's a tradition in Pennsylvania that's tough to beat. But that tradition should not cost any one else. Some of us happen to like soccer.

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