Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Alumni game parking

A large crowd is expected for Friday night's Alumni Football USA game between Trinity and Washington at Wash High Stadium. Those attending the game should read this notice.

Alumni game parking and ticket sales
For fans going to the Trinity vs. Washington alumni football game on Friday, parking plans have been released. There will be limited, on-street free parking outside the stadium on Tyler Avenue. Paid parking will be available along the stadium fence on Humbert Lane for $3. Other $3 lots will be located in the field below the stadium that can be accessed via Humbert Lane or Montgomery Avenue, and the small lot on Tyler Avenue across the street from Wash High Stadium. Parking for $5 is available inside the stadium behind the scoreboard via Humbert Lane and inside the stadium near the fieldhouse via Tyler Avenue. Free parking is available at Washington High School for those wishing to car pool with others or walk.

Gates open at 6 p.m. Kickoff is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. All seating is general admission, and adult tickets are $8 with student and senior tickets $6. Children ages 9 & Under are admitted free.


Anonymous said...

Alumni Game...what a joke. Come on people..how lame is your life if this is important to you?
At least the sponsoring company has a purpose which is to make money off of old, fat guys trying to recapture whatever. Can't believe anyone would pay to see this. Oh, well..it is Washington County.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who pays hard-earned money to watch old fat out of shape guys try to relive their glory days (and I use that term jokingly) needs to get a life. A fool and his money are soon parted. It's amazing that some of these "players" have been able to brush the Dorito dust off their chest, climb out of their recliners and wiggle and stuff their layers of fat into a girdle pad. I hope they have a few EMTs on site and oxygen handy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry pal there are actually a bunch of athletic fresh out of high school/college players playing in this game, and the "old" guys that are playing in it dont need your criticism atleast they have the gonads to play one last game.. You prob were in the band or still hold a grudge against your high school coach because you never saw the feild. And who are you to be calling lame, since you took the time out of your day to get on here, not once but twice to bash people.. Your Pathetic Pal

Anonymous said...

you two band geeks are entitled to your opinions but this is America and people can choose to pay and watch and pay and play or sit and home and be miserable nobodys like you two idiots.

I already know what your reply will be---I was all state when I was in high school. Save it, I don't need to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying it is 'lame' to read Kovac's blog????
I hope those young guys don't go blowing out a knee or whatever and runinging a job or whatever they should be worrying about rather than 'one more game'.
BTW..you are confusing lack of brains with having gonads :)
At least the game is close to Washington Hospital :)

Anonymous said...

BTW...I only wrote one comment..must be some others that feel the same. Also, I will compare my WPIAL Championship Rings to yours anyday and to most of the others in that game. And I sure don't feel any need to go 'relive' the G-O-Ds. Enjoy your trip down memory lane :)

Anonymous said...

I think the Wash High and Trinity bands could beat either of these teams of washed up old guys.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you dont have the balls brother..

R. Keith Taylor said...

Anonymous arguments: My favorite.

burg. blue devil said...

These "Anonymous" guys who are bashing the alumni players make no sense. I wonder what these "Anonymous" guys are doing on their Friday nights.

I bet that most of the alumni players are in decent shape. They simply are looking to have some fun. I admire them and hope that they do have fun and avoid injuries.

The Burgettstown vs. ??? alumni game hopefully will happen soon. Go Blue Devils!