Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Football players of the year

The Observer-Reporter ran its annual Football Player of the Year story, along with the Elite 11 and the all-district team just after Christmas. For those who don't know, South Fayette quarterback Christian Brumbaugh was the POY for a second consecutive year.

I didn't get a chance to run the list of former players of the year in the newspaper, so I thought it might be fun to go back and look at the list here. It includes the WPIAL's all-time rushing leader (at least until Rushel Shell gets his chance next year), a MMA headliner, a member of the Chicago White Sox organization, a first-team All-American, a Notre Dame captain and a current member of the South Fayette coaching staff.

2010 – Christian Brumbaugh, South Fayette
2009 – Christian Brumbaugh, South Fayette
2008 – Mike Hull, Canon-McMillan
2007 – Mike Yancich, Trinity
2006 – Jordan Clemons, Fort Cherry
2005 – Ben Jennings, Trinity
2004 – Doug Rheam, Canon-McMillan
(From 1996-2004, the O-R acknowledged offensive and defensive players of the year)
2003 – Jim Gallagher, Peters Township (offense)
Marques Parks, South Fayette (defense)
2002 – Bobby Hathaway, Carmichaels and Travis Thomas, Washington (co-offense)
Mike Harrington, Fort Cherry (defense)
2001 – Perry Ivery, Fort Cherry (offense)
Dan Mozes, Washington (defense)
2000 – Lee Fritz, Waynesburg (offense)
Mike Randolph, Chartiers-Houston (defense)
1999 – Mike Vernillo, Fort Cherry (offense)
Lanfer Simpson, Waynesburg (defense)
1998 – Mike Vernillo, Fort Cherry (offense)
Lee Tornabene, Canon-McMillan (defense)
1997 – Mike Vernillo, Fort Cherry (offense)
Rob Kolaczynski, Canon-McMillan (defense)
1996 – Josh Kosheck, Waynesburg (offense)
Mike Naleppa, Fort Cherry (defense)


KiPA - Kevin in PA said...

Glad to see this. Been too long since SF got their deserved recognition here. Not sure why you hate them like you do, Kovac.

Anonymous said...

To say Kovak hates S.F. is being silly. S.F is winning so they get the most coverage. When Wash Hi wins they get the coverage etc,etc.Win you get the most press it is that simple.Kovac is fair in his reporting.Kevin you sound like a little kid when they say he got more than me wine wine.

mike_kovak said...

I think KiPA is being a little sarcastic in his post.

While you are correct anon that SF is getting a ton of coverage because they are winning and winning a lot in the high-profile sports, some people aren't happy and have accused me of "wearing green and white" as I write things.

Anonymous said...

People just need to admit South Fayette has good programs, starting at the youth levels. While they do seem to have a better financial base than most area schools their size, you have to admit they use it their full advantage. If more local A & AA schools would look outside their teaching staff for coaches, they would more successful I believe. No, I'm not from SF but on the Washington-Greene Co border.

mike_kovak said...

Good point anon about the coaching search at small schools.

I grew up in a rural county, similar to Greene County, and have a few relatives still living there who teach at very small public schools.

In some instances, they were basically told they had to coach girls volleyball, junior high boys basketball or serve as a varsity football assistant. I'm sure this happens at other places and if you're "making" employees coach whom don't want to, that's not the best person for the job.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you that having GOOD coaches at the youth level and 7-8 grade level has a lot to do with how good your high school team will be. Games are still won with FUNDAMENTALS, many players come into high school who cannot even dribble with their off hand,or shoot on off hand lay up, and you are taking time to teach basic 5-6- grade fundamentals.
The case in point is catholic high schools. 98% of the kids playing at a catholic high schools played at catholic grade schools where the coaching of fundamentals in catholic grade school basketball is much better than in most wpial schools. That is why catholic high schools win,year in and year out good youth coaching NOT due to stealing public school kids.In fact take a look at the best players in the wpial public schools, MANY played at catholic grade schools,again reconfirming how important youth coaches are.
Mike is correct, schools need to get the best coaches they can teachers or not

Joey Niklas said...

Wait no Clairton players. I always knew you hated the Bears Kovac. LOL

Just playing

Congrats to all of the players that made it.

See everyone next year.