Friday, September 17, 2010

FYI, this weekend

Keep the comments coming. Friday night thoughts and your comments will be posted a little later than usual this weekend as I'm on the road. I will get to them as soon as possible.


Joey Niklas said...

Have to give Washington props for hanging tough even though they fell short in the end. The Prexies had their chances to get back into the game. Seton seemed to make plenty of mistakes but rode Hart for the win.

Looks like at least 4th place was settled in the Blackhills with Char Houston rolling over Serra(unless Avella beats Char Houston and Serra). I'll miss seeing Serra as a playoff caliber team but it appears that they're heading back into the Serra that i'm used to. It was good to see Fort Cherry get their act together tonight. And finally an impressive win out of Brentwood.

Good to see the Big Macs and Peters get some nice wins tonight.

As for the rest of 1A, i'm not sure if Beth Center is that good or Mapletown is that bad. Also Bishop Canevin seems to be the most impressive team out of the Eastern so far. Springdale and Avonworth also seem to be pretty decent. Very disappointed in the Monessen-Carmichaels score. I felt that the 'Hounds should've won by alot more. Same w/ Sto-Rox over Neshannock. Maybe Neshannock is better than some expected them to be as well. Sto-Rox vs Rochester should be everyones Class A Game of the Week next week.

Didn't know I was that long winded there. Sorry. Have a safe trip home Mike.

Clairton Alum said...

Beth Center is good...but Mapletown is really bad. Beth Center is probably the 5th best team in Class A...maybe 6th. I havent heard of anyone accusing BC of running up the score, but I wonder what people would have said if Clairton would have scored 75 on someone? I cant tell you how many times Clairton has taken the foot off of the accelerator in the second and third quarter for the rest of the game. Now, maybe BC just ran the ball up the middle the entire second half and Mapletown couldnt stop them, but I have seen Clairton just take knees in the 4th so they didnt score anymore.

Joey Niklas said...

As long as teams are using their 2nd and 3rd string, I have no problem with teams pouring it on. The backup QB is one play away from being the starter and you need to see what he can do in certain situations. If you're under 2 minutes to go the proper thing to do is kneel on the ball.