Friday, May 28, 2010

Transfers updates

The PIAA Board of Control overruled a previous ruling by the WPIAL and made former Burgettstown standout Dylan Bongiorni eligible for the 2010 football season at West Allegheny High School.

The Indians, which advanced to the WPIAL Class AAA championship game, have an opening at starting quarterback.

Bongiorni, a sophomore, left Burgettstown nine games into the boys basketball season where he was averaging 19.7 points. Craig Lee, Bongiorni's attorney, stated the reason for leaving was because of harsh treatment received from basketball coach Brendan Cypher.

Burgettstown contested the transfer and the WPIAL originally ruled Bongiorni ineligible for all sports for one year from the transfer date in January. The PIAA ruled Bongiorni eligible for football but he must sit out part of the basketball season.

As a freshman, Bongiorni passed for more than 1,000 yards but did not have as productive a sophomore year with the Blue Devils.

* The WPIAL ruled that Monessen brothers Terrance and Josh Stepoli are ineligible for part of the 2010-11 basketball season following their transfers from Monessen to Greensburg Central Catholic.

Both brothers are permitted to play football for the Centurions. Terrance Stepoli was Monessen's starting quarterback and Josh Stepoli started along the offensive and defensive lines.

Terrance Stepoli, a 6-4 junior, was kicked off Monessen's basketball team in January following an incident at Washington. Josh Stepoli, a 6-5 sophomore, left Monessen after he was suspended for two games following the fight that broke out between fans at the Washington at Monessen boys baketball game.

Jim Stepoli, the father, is an assistant for Joe Salvino at Monessen.

* The PIAA voted to allow blocking/tackling sleds to be used in offseason workouts.

* I'll be at the PIAA Track & Field Championships Saturday at Shippensburg University and plan to provide a live blog. So track fans can check back here periodically through the morning and afternoon for updates.


Anonymous said...

couple things...

you either did transfer in part for athletic intent or you didnt. I dont see how you can ban these kids from one sport for a year but not others. You either did and your ineligible for a year or you didnt and youre eligible. That said, I REALLY hope WA isnt banking on Bongiorni to do anything spectacular on the football field. This kid was a below average - average QB AT BEST at the single A level and got his brains beat in by some of the teams he played in the black hills. Also, the stepoli brothers wont last long at GCC. A change of school isnt going to change their attitudes.

please update how trenton coles performs at Shippensburg.

Anonymous said...

word on the street is ALL of clairton's assistant coaches are leaving for mckeesport and serra...and truth to this clairton folks?

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth, that the connection for Bongiorni at WA, is that Mrs Bongiorni works with Mrs Palko, who is the wife of the WA football coach Bob Palko?
There is no dought that Bongiorni has a much better chance of playing college football than college basketball at the div1-2 level, and playing for WA who will compete for both a W.P.I.A.L. and State championship will give him more exposure. WA also has one of the best running backs in the country,this will also help get Bongiorni some top exposure that he would have never got at Burgettstown.

Anonymous said...

bongiorni has a shot at playing college football at the D-1 level??? you have to be kidding me right? Did you see him play this year...AGAINST SINGLE A TEAMS? You are out of your mind.

Sarcastic Sword said...

So why are the Clairton assistants leaving in mass exodus?

I know of one coach from the Bears staff that did leave for McKeesport but I havent heard anything more..

Anonymous said...

Happy to see it work out for the Bongiorni kid and I hope he gets cleard to play basketball too..But mentioning the coach is kinda lame. I'm not questioning if he is right or wrong but don't use a coach as a scapegoat. Just move on!

Miss Priss said...

All I have to say is....have you seen these coaches these days? They are abusive. In fact, if we as parents said some of the things these coaches say to our kids we'd be crucified! Our kids would be taken off of us. Its ridiculous that coaches can treat kids like garbage and when you try to get away from them you can't play your sport at all cause the transfer is for athletic intent....bull crap!!