Friday, March 19, 2010

Bad day for former athletes

Pulled these items from the Police Beat in the Tuesday, March 9 edition of the Observer-Reporter.

The first item deals with former Ringgold football standout T.J. Carden, who once quarterbacked the Rams to the WPIAL Class AAAA quarterfinals and later played at Cal U.


Drug charges: Travis Carden, 27, of 212 Ridge Road, Monongahela, was arrested Monday for selling prescription painkillers to an undercover detective for the Washington County District Attorney's Drug Task Force, Monongahela police said.

He was arraigned before District Judge Mark Wilson on charges of possession and possession with intent to deliver narcotics and criminal use of a communications device. Carden was placed in Washington County Jail on $25,000 bond.

The latter concerns recent Trinity graduate Michelle Massie, who pitched the Hillers to the PIAA Class AAA semifinals in 2009.


Drug charges: Christopher Maleski, 20, of Washington, and his passenger, Michelle Massie, 19, of Washington, each face charges stemming from a traffic stop Sunday night on Main Street at Beau Street, Washington.

State police said Massie had a bag of suspected marijuana and a grinder. She will be charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Maleski will be charged with driving under the influence of a controlled substance.


Anonymous said...

Mike, kids make mistakes and they will pay for it. The question will be can they learn from the mistakes that they made. I'm sure we want to back these kids and give them all the resources that are available to them out there. Is it necessary for you to put these kids out there again for blog comments? Did we put out your former partner on the varsity letters to post comments? I don't want to put his name out there we have moved on from that. Let the kids move on I'm sure there is enough people hurting over this.
I know it is news Mike but lets try something different why don't you go and help these athletes that get into trouble. Step up Mike and show us how you can be a player in these kids road to recovery. Instead of throwing them out there for public comment.
Or maybe just remove the blog!

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%

mike_kovak said...

Sorry but these aren't kids and this post is staying.

Anonymous said...

When you're 27 years old, selling prescription painkillers to an undercover detective is not a mistake. It's a crime. Dialing a wrong telephone number is a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3/23/2010 8:53am

It would be different if these "kids" were under age but if you look at their ages they are all over 18, which is the age of "adulthood". A mistake occurs once. They should take responsibility for their actions and pay the penalty. Too many times, when criminals get caught they blame someone else for their actions. Too bad!! If you don't want to get caught, don't do the crime...

Anonymous said...

How about when your only 19? I guess we all are perfect.
Kovak a lot of parents have kids including you. The OR put the story out there in police beat and the young adults will pay for there mistakes. I agree with the first comment why put them thru a blog? If it was your son and daughter would you be ok with it? Don't get me wrong they deserved to be puished. But what is excessive.

Anonymous said...

I like that Kovak is sticking to his guns and not taking this down from the blog. It does nothing more to hurt their reputations then the crimes they are charged with. This blog is about high school athletics. Its not Kovak's fault that news he finds about the area's former athletes isn't always the most positive thing. A lot of people like to know what happened to these standouts. Not all of their stories have happy endings with these being examples of those that don't.