Monday, February 1, 2010

Week in review, Jan. 25-31

Boys basketball
Team of the Week
Washington Prexies - Wash High strung together three impressive victories at Chartiers-Houton (62-51), at Monessen (71-52) and against Class A Lincoln Park (66-50) at Sunday's Pittsburgh Classic at Robert Morris University.

Washington, the No. 3 Class AA team in the Observer-Reporter rankings, has won 10 consecutive and, at 13-4 overall and 9-1 in section, the Prexies are on the verge of another section title.

Washington is getting it done with defense, allowing a measly 49.8 points per game against a strong schedule

Runner-up - California

Starting five
Craig Wolcott, Peters Township
Troy Wilson, Washington
Bryan Thomas, Washington
John Tyler, California
Phil Horensky, Peters Township
Off the bench
Zach Barnes, Washington

Games of the week - Wolcott put up 40 points as Peters Township beat Bethel Park, 73-55, Friday; Mapletown, with only seven varsity players, stayed in the Section 2-A playoff hunt with a 67-63 win over Carmichaels on Tuesday.

Weird, wild stuff - Bentworth is the only team in Section 2-A with a winning record overall at 10-4. Excluding the Bearcats, the other sections teams are a combined 7-37 in non-section games.

Girls basketball
Team of the week
Chartiers-Houston - The Bucs are having their best season since the playing days of Emily Briggs. Chartiers-Houston defeated Aquinas Academy, 62-4, on Monday and followed with a season-building 51-41 victory over Serra Catholic.

With only one senior in Katie Rosemeier, who has topped 1,000 career points, the Bucs have won 11 games and are 6-3 and in third place in Section 2-A.

Chartiers-Houston won 13 games the previous three years, including a 4-18 record last year.

Runner-up - Monessen

Starting five
Geena Shrader, Monessen
Anna Shashura, Beth-Center
Emily Hansen, Canon-McMillan
Rachel Burgess, Chartiers-Houston
Beka Bellhy, Fort Cherry
Off the bench
Megan Sowers, Beth-Center

Games of the week - Ringgold rallies from a nine-point fourth quarter deficit to win at McGuffey, 62-51 in a non-section game Saturday; Monessen shuts down Washington in the second half for a 39-29 non-section win Friday.

Weird, wild stuff - Waynesburg is averaging just 14.4 points per game, worst in the WPIAL by a two-point average over Section 2-A's Aquinas Academy, in its first year in the WPIAL.


SenTown said...

thought you would like this mike

Anonymous said...

Washington is the team of the week? Does their wonderful team's actions account for this? How can you make a team like them a team of the week or even team of the season? They are as much of a disgrace as Mon., but of course they could go out and the entire team could committ the worst crime known to man but the good old O-R and sports writer M.K. would praise them for how great they pulled off the crime. (btw is M.K an alumni or booster there or something??) Have you seen how undisciplined, disrespectful, and disgraceful their players and program is now? Its a shame athletic programs and their specific teams and coaches are rated solely by their win column when if you count the unsportsman like acts by their players this year vs the other team, they would be 0-20. I guess the rep of the coach's great discipline at his other school was no joke!! With some of the acts these players pulled recently (not even talking about there recent brawl game) I cant believe they are still on the team, but they still start. But hey either way, team of the week!!

mike_kovak said...

There was no video there SenTown.

mike_kovak said...

The Wash High boys players weren't involved in the incident at Monessen. They were in the locker room.

No, I did not graduate from Washington, or anywhere else in the O-R coverage area.

Anonymous said...

The Washington team wasn't involved in the fight on Friday. They were in the locker room the whole entire time. People always make assumptions about these boys. They've received many compliments on their volunteer work every sat morning when they teach little kids bball & when they spent an entire day working for the salvation army. Nobody hears about that though. Keep up the good work boys!

Anonymous said...

To anon@11:25, You have got to be kidding me right? First of all, Wash high gets the LEAST amount of press than ANYBODY in our district. On many occasions i have searched the OR looking for game results and low and behold we get a teeny tiny paragraph on the 3rd or 4th page!! During football season it was the ALMIGHTY Big Macs who got so much attention, now you want to blame OUR players for this fiasco!! Check out some of the video and you can clearly see there players right in the middle of all the commotion! Thank God that our kids and coaching staff had enough brains to stay where they were! I sat right next to the Monesson student section and they were provoking a disturbance from the very first whistle! Dont hate on our team because we may be more talented than yours, if you were a prexie alumni you would understand the pride we have!!! Please find out the truth before you start degrading our school or any other for that matter!!! GO PREXIES!

mike_kovak said...

I covered Washington four times during the 2009 football season, easily the most of any football team in the O-R coverage area.

And when it comes to Washington hoops, I've seen the Prexies more times that I can recall. I have covered more Wash High boys basketball games than anything else since I started at the O-R back in 1999. By far.

KiPA - Kevin in PA said...

I think West Greene or Jefferson-Morgan might have something to say about that "least covered team" comment.

Anonymous said...

The play of Derek McIlvaine since Mark Jones was lost for the year has been impressive. Runs the offense, scores points, plays great defense and handles himself like a gentleman!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 11:25pm...Please don't make yourself sound like a complete idiot. For 1 if you play a sport in 2010... 1. You have to make good grades...2. You have to be on your best behavior and 3.If you sat down with any player on the Wash High basketball team you would find they are great kids, they would do anything for anybody and you would come away with a completely different attitude about them. Please don't pass judgement if you don't know them personally, these are our kids your talking about, they do community service, teach younger Prexies the game and take care of their community. Its 2010 quit with the ignorance & hatred...

Brant said...

More shameful activities: