Friday, July 31, 2009

Twitter Nation

Can't count me among the technologically advanced.

Never operated a My Space page.

Still refuse to join Facebook. Heck, upon finding out wanted money, haven't been back to that site.

Still own a VCR, cassette tapes, PlayStation 2 and a record player. Don't own a flatscreen television or a laptop. When it comes to ammenities, an iPod and a cell phone are about as advanced as I get.

Cheap? Stupid? Old-fashioned? Yeah, probably all of the above.

So, naturally, Twitter is not something that's been embraced by this antiquated sports writer. Checked it out at the urging of old friend Chad Walter, an Internet entrepreneur smart enough to start a website

that has attracted many of the top professional athletes around, from Terrell Owens to Lance Armstrong to Serena Williams.

Never really cared that Jennie Finch is looking for "strong Japanese coffee" or that Dahntay Jones used to love the apple danishes at Starbucks.

Maybe I should.

Athletes are joining Twitter by the thousands and, after a recent conversation with a local sports writer who must track every Pittsburgh professional athlete's Twitter page, it's evident that more and more are breaking news via Twitter.

I'm wondering how many high school athletes out there are using Twitter and I'd like to hear from those who are or those who think it's nothing more than a social networking site. Could high school sports eventually use Twitter to break stories? Are varsity athletes already using Twitter for such purposes?


Chad said...

Thanks for the shout out!

I am sure that Twitter can be a very useful tool for reporting up to the minute information on high school games.

Anonymous said...

I am a nationally ranked wrestler. I twitter my weight every morning to my opponents so they can 'duck' me.