Thursday, April 17, 2008

A look back

Quick, who's the last high school runner to beat Olympic medalist and former Rochester High School star Lauryn Williams in the 100-meter dash?

Give up?

The answer is Tam Nixon, a Wash High graduate who beat Williams in the 1998 PIAA Class AA finals her senior year. Williams was a freshman at the time. Nixon ran a 12.14, while Williams finished with a time of 12.18.

These days, Nixon is working at the Meadows Casino and is a volunteer assistant for the Bentworth track team, which is coached by her father Jerome Nixon.

"I raced her in college at the Penn Relays and she was half-way down the track by the time I got out of the blocks," Nixon said during Thursday's meet between Bentworth, Chartiers-Houston and Monessen. "I felt like I was just sitting there. It's amazing how good she got. I can remember racing her and she'd be sitting there eating a sandwich right before the race and it didn't bother her at all."

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Brian said...

12.18 is a little higher than the sub 11 she ran in Athens...