Saturday, December 22, 2007

APB, Where are they now?

This week's All Points Bulletin issued by the Varsity Letters is for former Fort Cherry sharpshooter Dan Davis.

Davis, who played his senior year at Fort Cherry following three years at Pittsburgh's Peabody High School, was the O-R Boys Basketball Player of the Year and led Fort Cherry to one of its best regular season records in the 2004-05 season. Davis averaged 27 points per game and led the state in three-point field goals.

He went to a top-notch junior college in Florida where Davis started and led the team in scoring. According to my sources, Davis, who drew interest from Pitt, failed to complete the year.

Anyone knowing of Davis' whereabouts is urged to contact the Varisty Letters.


Anonymous said...

Dan returned home & worked at Kings Restaurant in Imperial for awhile. He has enrolled at CCBC
for the srping term and will join the team next fall.
Lance Jeter of Beaver Falls left Cincinnati and is on the Polk CC
team. That is the school that Dan
left. The Suncoast Conference is loaded with D - 1 talent.

Eugene Briggs

mike_kovak said...

Thanks Eugene.

Hopefully, Dan can get back on the court. He's an exceptional player with unlimited range.

Anonymous said...

2011 update- he has and did not return to school he has been working stedy though hes played bastetball here and there for fun and minor competitions he still very much loves the game and it saddens me he has not pursued in trying to do something more as far as basketball goes because i know first hand how great of a basketball player he is and what he could do

Anonymous said...

this is dan davis...its hard for me to get bak n school and i wish i could take everything back and finish playing ball because i still have alot offhoop game left... sincerely dan davis..and thanks for keeping up with me